Snow White Trilogy: Book 2 published to rave reviews

We are so happy to announce that Salla Simukka’s YA thriller As White as Snow (Valkea kuin lumi, Tammi 2013) has been published in Finland to excellent reviews! This is the second book in the internationally bestselling Snow White Trilogy. Rights are sold in 33 territories to date. Publication of the third installment As Black as Ebony (Musta kuin eebenpuu) is planned for February 2014.

Praise for As White as Snow:

The writing has irresistible pull. A clever narrative trick is to build up the tension by using short, ominous chapters and segments without revealing the character’s identity. Step-by-step, all the pieces fall into place and the reader figures out which character is in question. – Kymen Sanomat newspaper

As White as Snow is yet again a fast-spaced, thrilling and break-neck adventure, which sheds fresh light on Lumikki’s background, providing new depth to the character. The book gives such a riveting foretaste of the last part of the trilogy, As Black as Ebony, that the finale of the series will be a must read when it comes out next spring. – Kirjavinkit Literature Blog

Those who enjoyed the dangerous situations and life-and-death chases of the first part of the trilogy, will not be disappointed – that is what is on offer in this book as well. Excitement is rife, and the book is a fast and riveting read. The final instalment of the trilogy, As Black as Ebony, will be released in spring 2014. I can’t wait! – Olipa kerran kirja Literature Blog

The breakneck pace of As White as Snow is more like a cinematic thriller than the first part was and Simukka has really proved herself an excellent writer of chase scenes. Particularly towards the end of the book I was tempted to skip from one line to another to see how it all ends. But I didn’t skip. At least not much. – Notkopeikko’s Literature Blog

The novel is the work of a consummate professional and fluently written, making it a safe bet that Simukka will establish herself as a writer of thrillers for young people with books like this. – The Librarian or Cybrarian Literature Blog

What Simukka excels at is writing sensual language. The author depicts an erotic encounter between two people exceptionally beautifully and sensitively. She is capable of describing the strong connection and also the conflict between Lumikki and Liekki meaningfully without pointing a finger. Besides linguistic expressiveness, Simukka’s strengths include the depiction of human relations and the ability to capture the inner life of a young woman. – The Vuodatus Literature Blog

Rights are sold in 33 territories to date:

, Clavis
Brazil, Novo Conceito
Bulgaria, Egmont
Catalonia, La Galera
China, Modern Press
Croatia, Znanje
Czech, Egmont
Denmark, Gyldendal
Estonia, Pegasus
France, Hachette Livre
Germany, Arena
Greece, Metaichmio
Hungary, Athenaeum
Iceland, Forlagid
Indonesia, Kompas Gramedia/Bhuana Ilmu Populer
Israel, Yedioth
Italy, Mondadori
Gimm Young
Latvia, Zvaigzne
Lithuania, Alma Littera
Netherlands, Clavis
Norway, Gyldendal
Poland, Foksal/WAB
Portugal, Presenca
Romania, Trei
Spain, La Galera
Sweden, Rabén & Sjögren
Taiwan, Emily Publishing
Turkey, Altin Kitaplar
UK, Hot Key Books
US, Amazon Children’s Publishing/Skyscape
Original publisher: Finland, Tammi

Lumikki Andersson, the main character in The Snow White Trilogy, is a 17-year-old girl who has learned to defend herself and to trust no one. She is a lonely wolf and a lonesome survivor. Like Lisbeth Salander for the YA!

Author bio: Salla Simukka (b. 1981) is a translator and author of juvenile fiction. In January 2013 she was awarded with the Topelius Prize for her novels Without a Trace (Jäljellä, Tammi Spring 2012) and Elsewhere (Toisaalla, Tammi Fall 2012), in recognition of the best Finnish youth novel.

World rights and enquiries:

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About author

Salla Simukka

Salla Simukka is the author of the international success story The Snow White Trilogy: rights are sold in 52 territories and in Hollywood. She has written several novels for young readers and her accolades include the Topelius Prize 2013 and the Finland Prize 2013. Simukka has been nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award  every year 2021–2024. Where It All Begins, published in 2022, is her first novel for adults and in 2024 she started a collaboration with JP Ahonen on a middle grade novel.

Previously Simukka has written book reviews for the newspapers, translated all kinds of texts into Finnish, worked as an editor at a literary magazine and as a screenwriter for a popular TV show for young audiences.  She has also been working on the programme of Turku Book Fair in 2017–2020.


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