Midsummer children’s news: prizes and reviews for Leinonen, Parkkinen, Pitkänen and Simukka

With Midsummer upon us, we are thrilled to see more good news and reviews rolling in for our authors’ latest books across picture book, middle-grade and YA.

Monster Nanny illustrator Pasi Pitkänen’s endearing jungle island adventure picture book, The Island of Lost Animals, recently sold in China, has been warmly reviewed by Finnish literary bloggers for its warm yet cautionary tale of wildlife species decline:

“Pasi Pitkänen has succeeded with his first solo publication, which gets my recommendation. The illustrations are truly excellent.”  Kirjavinkit blog, Finland

My expectations were rewarded with this book and its superb illustrations. It is thrilling, touching and yet humourous with its cartoon-like pictures.[…] Pitkänen’s action-packed adventure tackles an important and timely issue, that of conservation and protection of wildlife and the natural habitat.”  Luentaanko tämä blog, Finland

In other adventures, Leena Parkkinen and illustrator Jussi Karjalainen’s exotic backyard adventure, Little Brother’s Marvellous Expedition continues to garner praise from reviewers:

“Children’s literature might be the last territory where anarchy is order and the unconventional is wished for. Echoes of these can be found in abundance in the work of Leena Parkkinen and Jussi Karjalainen. – – A healthy phenomenon is that children’s literature can handle societal themes with the aid of allegories. What does not necessarily open up immediately, might simmer in the subconscious and become a life-changing revelation later on.” – Turun Sanomat newspaper, Finland

We are so thrilled that Salla Simukka’s middle-grade novel Sisterland won Finland’s LukuVarkaus prize last week. Established by the town of Varkaus and paper company Stora Enso, the LukuVarkaus prize is awarded to a children’s book published in the previous year by a jury of school-age children. Congratulations again to Salla!

And more reviews for Anne Leinonen’s YA fantasy, Bookwitch; the first volume of Anne’s recently-published YA duology received another review this week:

“There are nice pinches of romance and suspense, and a surprising twist in the end, as I thought there would be. The story is thought-out and well-presented to the reader, guaranteeing a pleasant read.” – Dysphoria blog, Finland 

Even with its fast-paced twists and turns, it’s a wonderfully relaxing comfort read.” — Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, Finland

Our warmest Midsummer greetings and good wishes to you, one and all!


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