DETAINED: a new YA thriller by Salla Simukka

The long wait is over! Salla Simukka – the author of the world-wide bestseller Snow White trilogy – has written a new YA thriller: DETAINED. The novel will be published in Finland in June 2020 by Tammi Publishers.

Nobody should be punished for crimes they didn’t commit. What about crimes they were going to commit in the future?
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Fifty teenagers are brought to a fully automated prison with no guards or other staff, where behaviour and punishments are monitored and executed remotely. Each one of the teenagers has been predicted to commit a crime at some point in their future.

This is their last chance. They need to be able to find out what their future crime is, confess it, and show remorse. If they do, they will get released. If they fail to confess their crimes before the age of eighteen, they will remain in prison to serve their full sentence.

In Detained Simukka continues to address the themes that her previous books have been praised for, such as sexual identity, trust, and friendship.


FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

June 2020, 200 pp.


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