FOLLOW THE BUTTERFLY by Martta Kaukonen published in the UK to great reviews!

We are excited to announce that Martta Kaukonen’s internationally successful psychological thriller Follow the Butterfly is now out in English, translated by David Hackston and published by Pushkin Press! Simultaneously with the UK edition, Audible US has published the audiobook version of Follow the Butterfly.

Read more about the English edition of Follow the Butterfly here.

Congratulations to Martta Kaukonen and Pushkin Press!

Follow the Butterfly has already received its first, outstanding reviews in the United Kingdom and Ireland:

“Follow the Butterfly is the portrait of a failing marriage, a demonstration of the perils and pitfalls of “the talking cure” and a brilliant game of cat and mouse between author and reader. [–] Whether, in the end, you believe either of them, there’s no denying the pieces of this psychological thriller fit together as ingeniously as those in a Chinese puzzle box.”
– Mark Sanderson, The Times, UK

This first novel by Finnish film critic Martta Kaukonen is a fascinating study in guilt, shame, blame and the stories we tell ourselves to make life bearable. [–] The delivery of information, both real and false, is beautifully handled. The portrait of the vain and self-deceiving therapist is chilling, and the ultimate revelation of what has been going on in all four lives is horribly convincing.
Natasha Cooper, Literary Review, UK

Told from the points of view of Ida, Clarissa and her husband Pekka, and newspaper journalist Arto, the twists and turns accumulate, and we’re soon wondering which of the narrators, if any, is telling the truth. A slow burn to start, this dark tale packs a punch when the deadly cat-and-mouse game culminates in a host of shattering revelations.
Breda Brown, Sunday Independent, Ireland

Follow the Butterfly has been a critical success and bestseller both in Finland and abroad:

  • Rights for the title have been sold to 16 territories!
  • Film and TV rights have been acquired by Legendary Tobis TV!
  • The German edition of Follow the Butterfly was a Spiegel bestseller with more than 24,000 copies sold!
  • It is currently nominated for the Glass Key Award of 2024 and has previously been nominated for the Savonia Prize!

The sequel to Follow the Butterfly, Meet Me In the Darkness, was published in Finland last December and has also been met with critical acclaim.

Rights for Follow the Butterfly are still available in France, Spain, Sweden, Japan, Romania, the Netherlands, etc!

Download the materials for Follow the Butterfly here!

Follow the Butterfly

Martta Kaukonen

An addictive psychological thriller in the spirit of Gillian Flynn

An international bestseller with rights sold to 16 territories and TV rights sold to Legendary Tobis
A critical success and bestseller in Finland!
✓ Nominated for the Glass Key Award of 2024!
✓ A Spiegel bestseller in Germany!

Ira, 20, a serial killer who was abducted as a child, starts therapy with celebrity therapist Clarissa. Only one of them knows that they share a mutual secret from the past. Will the other one realize it before she gets murdered?

Clarissa is a middle-aged psychotherapist, the best in her field. She is familiar to everyone from her TV appearances and from glossy magazines. For her, every patient is a princess. And someone only she can save. Or can she? Clarissa already has one suicide to answer for; a teenage boy’s death never seizes to haunt her.

When Ira becomes Clarissa’s patient, a cat-and-mouse game begins in which rules are followed by no one. The kind of game that never ends well.

WSOY, 2021, 407 pp.

English edition
Finnish edition
German edition

CZECHIA: Albatros Media
DENMARK: Forlaget Falco
GERMANY: Penguin Random House / Heyne
GREECE: Psichogios
HUNGARY: Partvonal Kiadó
ITALY: Longanesi
LATVIA: Jumava
POLAND: Czarna Owca
UNITED STATES: Pushkin Press
WORLD ENGLISH (audio): Audible
FILM & TV RIGHTS: Legendary Tobis TV

About author

Martta Kaukonen

Martta Kaukonen (1976) lives in Helsinki. Before becoming a full-time author, she worked as a film critic, whose reviews have been published in both Finland’s biggest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat and a popular women’s weekly magazine Me Naiset. Martta has a master’s degree in arts. She has interviewed the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and Justin Bieber. Martta met her husband at his second hand bookshop and fell in love. Alongside writing, Martta loves psychological thrillers, film noir, flea markets, abandoned houses and travelling. Martta’s debut novel FOLLOW THE BUTTERFLY was published in March 2021. FOLLOW THE BUTTERFLY is an Instagram sensation in Finland, and the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper released a highly-praising review of it. During the first two months, the audiobook was listened to an awe-inspiring 2000 times and over. FOLLOW THE BUTTERFLY  has been compared to Gillian Flynn’s novel ‘Gone Girl’. 


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