Rear Window

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WORLD ENGLISH: HarperCollins

CROATIA: Planetopia
ESTONIA: Rahva Raamat
FINLAND: Gummerus
FRANCE: Editions Leduc.s

Original title: Takaikkuna

Author: Pauliina Susi

Illustrator: Pauliina Susi

Published: 2015

Publisher: Tammi

Class/genre: Crime & Thriller

Pages: 560


Glasnyckeln ’Glass Key’ Award nominee 2017

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The system has detected an intruder.

“It came to her again – the feeling that someone was watching. That someone at this very moment was quietly observing her from the dark, with sinister intentions.

Leia had heard of what could happen. And now it was happening to her.”

Hate speech. Sex trade. Racism. Single mom Leia Laine becomes entangled in much more than she bargained for when she takes on a project whose aim is to provide support to men who frequent prostitutes. It feels as if half of Finland becomes furious at her.

Among Leia’s new enemies are the new, sharp-tongued Justice Minister whose career is in danger thanks to some unseemly interactions online, and an online troll whose greatest thrill is in crossing virtual boundaries.


Original publisher: FINLAND, Tammi
CZECH, Knizni Klub/Euromedia

Clue of the Year 2016 Winner


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Rear Window successfully recreates the Finnish crime genre. Susi describes without any common clichés how everyday life turns into terror. Rear Window is a skillfully written novel that has the potential to become an international political thriller. The topics of internet privacy and hacking are new and highly relevant in today’s society. Thanks to her extensive source material, Susi is able to dive exceptionally deep into the topic: she describes in a frightening way everyday life that includes internet tracking and harassment. The novel has a very Hitchcockian atmosphere with elements from politics as well as from Star Wars.”

– Finnish Whodunnit Society, Clue of the Year jury


”Extremely gripping, sometimes shocking in how naive the protagonists are. Highly recommended; a really good, exciting Nordic thriller.” – Dorfzeitung, Germany

Rear Window is a gripping, psychologically well-balanced crime novel from Scandinavia, sparing bloodshed.” – Hallo Buch, Germany 

“A very clever thriller with an incredibly exciting and explosive story that captivates until the end and shows how vulnerable the digitalized world makes us, and how fast the innovative, virtual crime develops.” – Der Kultur-Blog, Germany

“Power, money and sex… that works in a thriller, always.” – KrimiKiosk blog, Germany

“The thriller, which takes place in the Finnish capital Helsinki, is modern and well thought-out, with no significant mistakes or inconsistencies in the plot. A large number of interesting characters are introduced as the story unfolds, and the changing perspective (the fact that the reader is made aware of various, crossing plot lines early on) make this thriller very exciting.” – Buchwurm blog, Germany


“Pauliina Susi’s Rear Window is an incredibly suspenseful novel that you can’t put down once you have started reading. Not only is it very cleverly constructed, but it also has plausible characters and addresses important issues of our time, including cybercrime, xenophobia and populism – all woven together to form an ingenious thriller.”
– Editors Elisabeth Kurath, Dora Höppner and Bianca Dombrowa, DTV, Germany


Rear Window is an extremely entertaining and timely novel carried by quick plot twists and a haunting sense of suspense that builds towards the end.”
– Parnasso literary magazine, Finland

“This thriller offers a speedy takeoff and feels scarily believable, especially as its heroine Leia Laine – an everywoman – is a sympathetic character who lacks an instinct for self-preservation and whose knowledge of firewalls, virus protection and contract terms is built on a shaky foundation. She is easy to relate to. In addition to generating suspense, Pauliina Susi has the ability to construct a hilariously recognizable portrait of our time that feels tragicomic in its familiarity.”
– Oma aika magazine, Finland

“The Finnish equivalent to the bestsellers of Gillian Flynn and Camilla Läckberg.”
– Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, Finland

“Susi spins narrative threads into an ever-tightening knot. What begins as light suspense darkens with each chapter as online dangers become life-threatening…this isn’t just a novel about technology, but about power and its side effects.”
– Keskisuomalainen 
newspaper, Finland

”The plot is a skillfully woven web in which computer nerds play with people and coincidence constantly makes a mess of things… Rear Window is a book to devour.”
– Turun Sanomat 
newspaper, Finland

”Each character is more interesting than the one before…The story feels real, and shudder-inducing as a result.”
– Kouvolan Sanomat
 newspaper, Finland


“Internet stalking is an interesting, hair-raising topic for a thriller. And Susi has skillfully created an addictive and fantastic novel!”
– Lukutoukan kulttuuriblogi blog, Finland

“Here’s that mind-blowing novel I promised. Rear Window carries such tension that I was literally gasping for breath on each page. Menacing, eerie, and, in a word, interesting.”
– Rakkaudesta kirjoihin literature blog, Finland

“Thankfully I began reading on a Friday evening so that I could read through the night without worry. I simply couldn’t put this book down.”
– Kirjan kanssa literature blog, Finland

“The most exciting Finnish thriller. The storytelling is slick, the characters are mischievous and the plot withstands careful examination.”
– Tuijata literature blog, Finland

“It’s a skillfully built thriller, even on the international scale.”
– Kissa kirjahyllyssä blog, Finland

”Susi’s novel is original and suspenseful. You wouldn’t want to put the book down.”
– Havaintoja digimaailmasta blog, Finland

“I’ll give you a warning: don’t start reading In the Rear Window before you have the time to read late into the night. I got completely hooked and would have devoured the whole book in one go, had there been no occasional responsibilities.”
– Kirsin Book Club blog, Finland

Rear Window is an accurate and addictive thriller about right-wing populism, data mining, identity theft and racism. – – The story was so dynamic I’d enjoy seeing it also as a movie or a TV show.”
– Anun ihmeelliset matkat blog, Finland

“It doesn’t surprise me at all that Rear Window received the Clue of the Year 2016. It’s fluently written, rich in its characters and milieu, and frighteningly topical.”
– Kirjakaapin kummitus blog, Finland

“The author gets the reader hooked by creating an illusion of the reader’s omniscience. The story twists and turns, but the reader always feels like they’re one step ahead. Then the author uses the reader’s presumptions, like a judoka uses their opponents’ own momentum, to knock them down.”
– Konfiguraatio blog, Finland

Rear Window offers a first-class reading experience. – – The fact that many of the elements in the book are so common makes them even scarier. Because all of this could happen. Has perhaps happened already.”
– Nenä kirjassa blog, Finland


Pauliina Susi

Pauliina Susi has worked as a journalist and editor at several well-known Finnish magazines. She has a master’s degree in political science, and is known for her ability to incorporate current themes into her prose. Her debut novel  was nominated for the prestigious Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize and In the Rear Window is the Winner of the Clue of the Year 2016, a recognition of the best crime fiction or detective novel of the year.


Pauliina Susi


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