Their Turn to Burn

Tuomas Oskari

Original title: Roihu

Author: Tuomas Oskari

Published: 2021

Publisher: Otava

Genre: Crime & Suspense

Pages: 523

Part of a series: Leo Koski series

A fast-paced debut political thriller set in late 2020s Helsinki that will keep you in its grip!

•  For fans of Dan Brown and David Baldacci 

• Chosen as BookBeat Newcomer of the Year 2021!

A deep economic crisis is tearing the Finnish people apart. In the midst of massive protests, a young woman sets herself on fire. She leaves behind a secret that could topple the government.

Young Prime Minister Leo Koski wakes up to a real-life nightmare. He's been thrust into a power game where the stakes are much higher than his own life. Koski has only 24 hours to unravel a plot that threatens the lives of thousands and the future of Finland as a whole.

The skillfully woven plot of this world-class thriller will continuously surprise its readers!

Their Turn to Burn is exciting, fluent, entertaining and appelingly detailed. Even comical at times. The book is a spectacular expression of professional writing. Thomas Oscar has created a great suspense novel with a real dose of general facts about geography, history as well as various economic theories.

Satakunnan Kansa newspaper

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Rights sold:
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
GERMANY: Bastei Lübbe

About author

Tuomas Oskari

Tuomas Oskari is the international pen name of Tuomas Niskakangas, a crime author and a politics and economics journalist for Helsingin Sanomat, the biggest newspaper in Finland. He has a Master in Economics. Formerly Niskakangas has worked in Washington, D.C. as the USA correspondent for Helsingin Sanomat.


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