Money and Happiness

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FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

Original title: Raha ja onni

Author: Kari Nars

Published: 2006

Publisher: Tammi

Genre: General Nonfiction

Pages: 294

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Is money the key to our happiness? This is what is widely believed to be true. After all, the basis of modern day eco- nomics assumes that increased wealth promotes peoples’ wellbeing. Why then, in the current climate of wealth and pros- perity, do more and more people fall prey to stress, burnout, depression, alcoholism, divorce, or even suicide? Why do millions of children, young people and families feel incereasingly bad by the day?

Nars also studies the secret that women seem to hold, the one that tips the happiness scales in their favour. Money and Happiness looks for answers to many puzzling and interesting questions and reveals the real keys to true happiness – fully supported by genuine and up-to-date research.

Kari Nars

Dr. Kari Nars has a long and distinguished career in various high banking positions in London, Washington and Paris, and as a director of Finland’s central bank and Ministry of Finance. He has published several books, and was chief editor and main writer of Excellence in Debt Management by Euromoney Books in London.


Kari Nars

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Kari Nars

Money and Happiness

2006, General Nonfiction

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