Kari Nars’ great success in Brazil!


The Brazilian Portuguese edition of Dr Kari Nars‘ Swindling Billions, Golpes Bilionários, has been published by Gutenberg (Grupo Editorial Autêntica) to excellent reviews. Brazil’s most important financial newspaper Econômica Valor praises Dr Nars’ book as a timely and entertaining chronicle of the biggest money fraudsters of our times. Click here to read the full article!

Also the leading business weekly, Istoe Dinheiro, recommends Golpes Bilionários to its readers: istoedinheiro.com.br.

Rights of Swindling Billions (Miten miljoonia huijataan, Tammi 2009) have now been sold to six languages: Chinese (Simplified), English (World), German, Korean, Portuguese (World) and Romanian. The book has sold nearly 100,000 copies worldwide to date.

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Kari Nars

Dr. Kari Nars has a long and distinguished career in various high banking positions in London, Washington and Paris, and as a director of Finland’s central bank and Ministry of Finance. He has published several books, and was chief editor and main writer of Excellence in Debt Management by Euromoney Books in London.


Kari Nars

Swindling Billions

2009, General Nonfiction

Kari Nars

Money and Happiness

2006, General Nonfiction

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