Kari Nars’ Swindling Billions published in Korea

Hanbit Biz has released the Korean edition of Dr. Kari Nars’ international bestseller Swindling Billions. Rights to the title were sold to Hanbit Biz in March 2011, and the book was published in November 2011.

Rights to Swindling Billions have been sold to several major world languages: World English rights to Marshall & Cavendish, World Portuguese rights to the Brazilian publisher Editora Gutenberg, German rights to Wiley-VCH, Chinese rights to Law Press China and Romanian rights to Hardcover & Paperback. Following the great success in the English language market, Marshall & Cavendish will be releasing a mass-market paperback edition of the English book in March 2012.

Please ask for the English and German texts!

About author

Kari Nars

Dr. Kari Nars has a long and distinguished career in various high banking positions in London, Washington and Paris, and as a director of Finland’s central bank and Ministry of Finance. He has published several books, and was chief editor and main writer of Excellence in Debt Management by Euromoney Books in London.


2009, General Nonfiction

Swindling Billions

Kari Nars

2006, General Nonfiction

Money and Happiness

Kari Nars