Meet Me in the Darkness

Martta Kaukonen

Original title: Hengissä

Author: Martta Kaukonen

Published: 2023

Publisher: WSOY

Genre: Crime & Suspense

Pages: 272

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English synopsis

Nothing is as it seems.

✓  Sequel to the internationally bestselling and critically acclaimed Follow the Butterfly!
✓  Rights to Follow the Butterfly have been sold to 15 territories, including UK & US!

Four years have passed since the events of Follow the Butterfly. Ira and Arto have teamed up, and both work as crime journalists for the Helsinki Today. Everything’s going nicely, until Ira starts suspecting there’s a serial killer on the loose in Helsinki.

The murders are investigated by Senior Crime Inspector Kerttu Leppänen, who leads the murder unit and eagerly waits for retirement. Unsolved cases haunt Kerttu, who is unable to forgive herself.

The past catches up with all of them – if they were ever free from its clutches in the first place…

Martta Kaukonen wrote a captivatingly intellectual book that is suitable for even the most hardened crime reader. [–] Martta Kaukonen’s second novel Meet Me in the Darkness is a celebration of surprises. [–] Kaukonen’s most skillful magic trick is in the joy of surprise, which she erupts as she betrays the expectations she has created for the reader.

Taika Dahlbom in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

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Rights sold:
GREECE: Psichogios
HUNGARY: Partvonal Kiadó
POLAND: Czarna Owca

About author

Martta Kaukonen

Martta Kaukonen (1976) lives in Helsinki. Before becoming a full-time author, she worked as a film critic, whose reviews have been published in both Finland’s biggest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat and a popular women’s weekly magazine Me Naiset. Martta has a master’s degree in arts. She has interviewed the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and Justin Bieber. Martta met her husband at his second hand bookshop and fell in love. Alongside writing, Martta loves psychological thrillers, film noir, flea markets, abandoned houses and travelling. Martta’s debut novel FOLLOW THE BUTTERFLY was published in March 2021. FOLLOW THE BUTTERFLY is an Instagram sensation in Finland, and the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper released a highly-praising review of it. During the first two months, the audiobook was listened to an awe-inspiring 2000 times and over. FOLLOW THE BUTTERFLY  has been compared to Gillian Flynn’s novel ‘Gone Girl’. 


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