The great post-#MeToo thriller by Martta Kaukonen now published in Finland!

Martta Kaukonen’s newest thriller IN YOUR SHADOW has now been published in Finland! 

Kaukonen’s debut FOLLOW THE BUTTERFLY earned her the nickname “Finland’s Gillian Flynn” for her plot twists and suspenseful style. Follow the Butterfly has sold to 13 territories so far! IN YOUR SHADOW is a standalone thriller, a page-turner, dealing with post trauma and hunger for justice.  

Ask for the English synopsis and Finnish pdf for IN YOUR SHADOW here! 

by Martta Kaukonen

The great post-#MeToo thriller

The harassment of women should be kept silent no longer, a small group of activists declares and demands justice. But at what price?

When #metoo spread through the media like wildfire, many victims of harassment felt hopeful – now we can talk about it, now the change begins. But the fire died and things did not change. Traumas did not disappear and justice is yet to come.

Sixty-year-old Anne hosts meetings for a group of people who will not be silenced. Among them are acclaimed actress Minna who has spoken about her experiences publicly, former straight-A student Suvi who doesn’t want to leave her home anymore out of fear, and performance artist Roni who’s looking to upgrade his feminism from words to actions. Can they trust each other? Are they driven by a desire for justice or a wish for revenge?


Martta Kaukonen’s IN YOUR SHADOW is an undeniably impactful work. Narratively, the book is compelling: the story reveals clues about the characters’ past and motives in small pieces and in a carefully thought-out sequence. 

– Dekkarihelmenkalastaja Instagram, Finland

Sinun varjossasi
WSOY, July 2022, 276pp



Martta Kaukonen

In Your Shadow

2022, Crime & Suspense

Martta Kaukonen

Follow the Butterfly

2021, Crime & Suspense

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