Breaking news: SCRIBE acquires World English rights to THE ENCHANTMENT!

We are very happy to announce a wonderful World English sale for our award-winning author Riikka Pulkkinen and her highly acclaimed new novel THE ENCHANTMENT (orig. Lumo, Otava, August 2022).  SCRIBE,  a multi-award-winning independent publisher founded by publisher Henry Rosenbloom in 1976, with offices in London, and Melbourne, Australia has acquired World English rights to Riikka Pulkkinen’s novel The Enchantment for publication in 2025. Scribe has also published Riikka Pulkkinen’s debut novel The Limit in 2013. The deal was closed by Elina Ahlbäck at Elina Ahlback Literary Agency.

Riikka Pulkkinen is a shining star in Finnish literature, an award-winning and bestselling author with international publishers in 19 territories, nominated for the Finlandia Prize (True).

The Publisher Molly Slight at Scribe UK says:  “‘Enchantment is a deeply thought-out, psychological novel about the ways that we present ourselves, what we let others see and what we hide away. What seems at first like it could be a simple mystery about the unexpected death of a teenage girl becomes a fascinating dismantling of a well-worn trope, in which the ensemble cast reveal their own deepest fears and failings through their projections onto the central character of Philippa, who we never quite come to know in her own right.”

Finnish praise:  “One can read Riikka Pulkkinen’s novel The Enchantment as a report of why Philippa died. The book naturally tells of her as a character who existed. But she can be read also as a description of girlhood and femininity. [–] Riikka Pulkkinen is skilled at writing about friendship, love, the caring of others, and of yearning. She manages again to charm the reader, to make them think of their own youth and how events in childhood have influenced adulthood.”    Kirjallisuustoimittaja book blog, Seppo Puttonen, former literary editor at YLE

“Riikka Pulkkinen triumphs with a metafictional novel.  A novel dealing with girlhood prompts readers to ponder the power of narrative.” – Helsingin Sanomat, Starred review

“Riikka Pulkkinen is a … Finnish Joyce Carol Oates.” – Livres Hebdo, France

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By Riikka Pulkkinen

This shiningly beautiful novel is an autopsy of girlhood and power

✓  Riikka Pulkkinen is a shining star in Finnish literature, an award-winning and bestselling author with international publishers in 19 territories!

Philippa Laakso, aged seventeen, is found dead in her yard at home. Nothing suggests a crime, and everyone who knew her is certain she wasn’t suicidal. On the other hand, all who knew her seem to hold a differing view of her. The investigation sees them being interviewed, but behind every view and story is Philippa’s influence. She still has the people around her in a sharp grip: her friend, ex-boyfriend, teacher, neighbors.

Riikka Pulkkinen’s anticipated novel examines the power and comfort of make-believe and the thin line between love and play. Every character in the novel sees Philippa in his or her own way, as a mirror for fantasizing, anger, aspirations, comfort, and freedom, and uses their perceived image of Philippa to their own ends.

Otava, August 2022, 383 pp

Rights sold: 
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)


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About author

Riikka Pulkkinen

Riikka Pulkkinen (b. 1980) is one of the top names in Finnish literature. Her debut novel The Limit (2006) gained wide attention, was a bestseller, and was adapted into a play and a TV series in Finland. Her international breakthrough came with her second novel, True (2010), which was the one novel everyone was talking about that year at the Frankfurt book fair. The novel has been published in 17 countries to date.

Pulkkinen’s novels are characterized by the precision with which she describes the psychology of the characters, and the philosophical themes that reflect from the characters into the refined structure of the novels and culminate on the level of the plot. The main questions she explores in her novels concern power, responsibility, and justice.

Pulkkinen has an M.A. in Literary Studies from the University of Helsinki, and she lives in Helsinki with her husband and her two children. She enjoys dancing and running in the forest or by the seaside. If she weren’t a writer, she would be a psychologist or a baker.

For her works, Riikka Pulkkinen has received the Kaarle award in 2007, the Laila Hirvisaari Fund stipend in 2007, the Veijo Meri Award in 2019, and her novel True was nominated for the Finlandia Prize in 2010.


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The Enchantment

Riikka Pulkkinen

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Riikka Pulkkinen

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