THE ENCHANTMENT hits bestseller lists and gains excellent new praise!

We are incredibly happy to share new praise from the critics and readers alike for Riikka Pulkkinen’s shiningly beautiful new title, examining girlhood and power. THE ENCHANTMENT is in Top 10 Finnish bestsellers of the biggest bookstore chain in Finland, and the readers love it!

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 In addition to the identities based on illusion and stories, in the center of Riikka Pulkkinen’s new novel is the line which marks the divide between an innocent and an accomplice, between a child and one liable. [–] Pulkkinen writes with depth but also entertainingly, and the meanings of the novel are not diminished by reading it all in one go, which is a characteristic of a successful novel.”
Heidi Heinonen in Kaleva newspaper

I’d want to write long and in-depth about [the novel], but I’ll try to hold myself in check. Simply put: The Enchantment impressed me. [–] The reader is given a lot to think about with both the content and the narration.”
Tuijata culture blog

The Enchantment is breathtaking in a multifaceted way [–] there is cohesion, and the connections between identity, narration, and its artificiality make the novel a fascinating read.”
– Etelä-Suomen Sanomat newspaper

In Pulkkinen’s skillfully built world, truth is a very subjective term and the reader constantly needs to wonder whose perspective is true and who has made things up – is there a universal truth somewhere among the many truths, does it even exist? [–] The narratively secretive and mind-twisting mystery opens up layer by layer, as each of those who knew Philippa tells about their relationship with the girl.”
– Jennipupulandia on instagram

About author

Riikka Pulkkinen

Riikka Pulkkinen (b. 1980) is one of the top names in Finnish literature. Her debut novel The Limit (2006) gained wide attention, was a bestseller, and was adapted into a play and a TV series in Finland. Her international breakthrough came with her second novel, True (2010), which was the one novel everyone was talking about that year at the Frankfurt book fair. The novel has been published in 17 countries to date.

Pulkkinen’s novels are characterized by the precision with which she describes the psychology of the characters, and the philosophical themes that reflect from the characters into the refined structure of the novels and culminate on the level of the plot. The main questions she explores in her novels concern power, responsibility, and justice.

Pulkkinen has an M.A. in Literary Studies from the University of Helsinki, and she lives in Helsinki with her husband and her two children. She enjoys dancing and running in the forest or by the seaside. If she weren’t a writer, she would be a psychologist or a baker.

For her works, Riikka Pulkkinen has received the Kaarle award in 2007, the Laila Hirvisaari Fund stipend in 2007, the Veijo Meri Award in 2019, and her novel True was nominated for the Finlandia Prize in 2010.


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The Enchantment

Riikka Pulkkinen

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Riikka Pulkkinen

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Riikka Pulkkinen