CARGO and SWING pre-empted by Animus in Hungary!

We are excited to announce that our spring crime highlight “Cargo“, and its sequel “Swing” by new Nordic Noir supercouple A.M. Ollikainen are now sold to 8 countries in two weeks!

The latest publisher to join A.M. Ollikainen publishers’ family is Animus (Hungarian publisher for Jo Nesbø, Lars Kepler, Stieg Larsson, Max Seeck etc)

Cargo is the first book in a new fast-paced and addictive Paula Pihlaja series, which has previously been acquired by excellent Nordic Crime publishers: Host in Czechia, Varrak in Estonia, Bastei Lübbe in Germany, Baltos lankos in Lithuania, HarperCollins Holland in the Netherlands, Aschehoug in Norway, and Didakta in Slovenia.

Download the English sample and long synopsis for CARGO here.

The rights for this very exciting award-winning title and series are still available in: Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Turkey, France, US, UK, Latvia, Bulgaria, Spain, China, Korea etc.

When finishing the English sample I felt that it is quite terrible that I can’t speak Finnish – you need to continue the story just from the really beginning! Big things are happening in Finland, authors like A.M. Ollikainen makes us stunned. With Cargo, you felt yourself immediately in the middle of a well-deserved Nordic thriller, and you quickly realize that this won’t be an easy one. The first fine screws, the personality of the main characters, the launch of this story guarantees that this book will have an amazing future.

– Laszlo Marosi, Publishing editor, Animus Kiado, Hungary


A.M. Ollikainen is a new Nordic Crime supercouple Milla Ollikainen and Aki Ollikainen.

Aki Ollikainen is one of the best literary fiction authors of Finland, whose novel White Hunger was longlisted to the International Man Booker Prize and whose works have been sold to 15 countries.
Milla Ollikainen is the previous winner of the “Crime Pays” crime novel competition of Finland and the author of a successful crime trilogy.

Cargo is their first title written together, which won the Finnish national crime novel competition in 2019 over 400 other manuscripts. The book is the first part of the upcoming Paula Pihlaja series.
It will be published by the largest Finnish publisher Otava in May 2021 as their lead Fiction title for the Spring list.

by A.M. Ollikainen

The first book in a new fast-paced and addictive Nordic Noir series. A.M. Ollikainen is Finland’s Lars Kepler!

  • Winner of a National Crime Novel Competition

A cargo container is found on the shore in Helsinki with a dead body inside.The property where the container is discovered, belongs to one of the most notorious businessmen in Finland. As Police Commissioner Paula Pihlaja begins to investigate the case, traces lead back to the businessman’s family, revealing decades of suspicious business ventures in Africa.

Meanwhile, Paula’s own personal life is shaken by old memories that are now surfacing following recent events.When she was younger, she had to give her baby up for adoption. The boy, her son, is now in his twenties and facing a murder charge. Not only is Paula tormented by her own guilt about the adoption, she is also worried about what will become of her son.

Otava, May 2021, 360 pp.


FINLAND: Otava (orig.)

(2-book deal)
(2-book deal)
GERMANY: Bastei Lübbe
(2-book deal)
(2-book deal)
LITHUANIA: Baltos lankos
(5-book deal)
NETHERLANDS: HarperCollins Holland
(2-book deal)
NORWAY: Aschehoug (2-book-deal)
SLOVENIA: Didakta (2-book deal)

About author

A.M. Ollikainen

A. M. Ollikainen is a pseudonym for author duo Aki and Milla Ollikainen. Aki Ollikainen has published three novels and won the Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize in 2012. He has also been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and Prix Femina in 2016. Milla Ollikainen has published three crime novels and won Like Publishing and the Finnish Detective Society’s Crime novel writing competition in 2012. Cargo is their first novel together and the Winner of a National Crime Novel Competition. 


2022, Crime & Suspense


A. M. Ollikainen

2021, Crime & Suspense


A. M. Ollikainen