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Original title: Mefiston kosketus

Published: 2017

Publisher: Tammi

Class/genre: Crime & Thriller

Pages: 408


Toisinkoinen Literature Prize nominee 2017

The hotly-anticipated second novel by Finland’s bestselling, ’Debut Thriller of the Year Award’ 2017 winning author, Max Seeck.

Missing-presumed-dead Finnish diplomat, Jare Westerlund has fled from Croatia on a forged passport, leaving behind a decapitated body and his trail goes cold at Stockholm airport.

When Interpol officer Annika Lehto hears of his escape, she abandons her sick leave to go off in pursuit of Westerlund, with the aid of special forces specialist Daniel Kuisma. What follows is a dramatic chain of events, from northern Norway, to San Francisco, to The Hague, as the pair continue the chase.  The further their investigations go, the clearer it becomes that the man they are after has not merely gone astray; his true nature is far worse than anyone had imagined . . .

A gripping, international game of cat and mouse that began in The Angels of Hammurabi, which reads both as a standalone or sequel to the first installment.

Rights sold:
FINLAND, Tammi (Orig. publisher)
ESTONIA, Pegasus
ICELAND, Forlagid
ITALY, Newton Compton


“A brilliant novel, for readers who love adventurous thrillers but who appreciate the psychologically well described characters too,” – Raffaello Avanzini, CEO & publisher, Newton Compton, Italy

“Fast-paced like a fighter jet, Max Seeck’s The Mephisto Touch is an unputdownable novel. With its short chapters and fluid plot progression to be devoured in one sitting, the book will leave you wanting more of Daniel Kuisma and Annika Lehto after the story has ended.”  Leena Lehtolainen, author, Finland


Seeck is a new star of his genre.” – Turun Sanomat newspaper, Finland

“The up-tempo novel follows the dramaturgical structure of a Hollywood movie. Short scenes and quick cuts retain the intensity. The formula works, and Seeck defies the second-novel slump.”  Kauppalehti newspaper, Finland

“Skilfully plotted with a surprise at the end.”Eeva magazine, Finland

“Last year’s Debut Thriller of the Year Award-winner Max Seeck has written a sequel to The Angels of Hammurabi, a standalone, The Mephisto Touch, which does not require reading of the first. Seeck’s narrative is smooth and the pace of events snappy. At times, one reflects on human behaviour – prompting the reader to contemplate the most extreme, unsettling things in the human mind.
Well-drawn characters support the plot; especially charming is the colossal Croatian Detective Chief Inspector. With this second novel, Max Seeck is well on his way to earning a permanent position in the ranks of Finland’s top crime and thriller writers.” — Anssi Väisänen, Kaleva newspaper, Finland


The Mephisto Touch is a modern crime novel that plays on different time levels and uses small details to build up a tense ending. The human mind’s capability and the prerequisites of evil are finely depicted. – – The Mephisto Touch unveils the dark corners of the human mind and does it convincingly.” Toisinkoinen literature prize jury, Finland



The Mephisto Touch excites with its pacy plot, and Seeck masterfully leads the reader through twists and turns.” — Lukuneuvoja blog, Finland

“A classy, international thriller.” ★★★★ — Kirsi’s Bookclub blog, Finland

“Very skilfully narrated. A lot of effort is put in to the background research.” — Kirjat, sopat ja sähellykset blog, Finland

“A story likely to continue; I look forward to it. Evil may never die, and psychopaths are their own dangerous subspecies of humans but, fortunately with literature, their encounters can be safe, at home.” — Bookshop blog, Finland


Max Seeck

Author photo Max Seeck b&w

Max Seeck, the most anticipated newcomer of the literary season, has received great reviews for his debut thriller The Angels of Hammurabi.

“Another star has been added to the firmament of thriller writers. The opening pages of Max Seeck’s hot-off-the-press debut, The Angels of Hammurabi, are chilling and the flowing text hooks the reader swiftly,” stated Iltalehti newspaper, and Helsingin Sanomat newspaper called it a promising debut: ”Seeck’s next novel will be worth the wait.”

The German rights to The Angels of Hammurabi were recently sold at auction to Blanvalet. Quoting Beatrice Lampe, editor at Blanvalet, “Max Seeck’s action thriller develops at a breakneck speed – as mesmerizing to read as it would be to watch from a cinema seat.”

See also the UK-based Euro But Not Trash blog’s book review and Q&A with Max here.

Max Seeck has a background in sales and marketing, and has lately been able to dedicate his time to his lifelong love of writing. His interests include well-conducted research, reading Nordic Noir and listening to movie soundtracks as he writes.


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