New author Max Seeck debuts with The Angels of Hammurabi

seecknewsWe are excited to announce that the agency has signed a new author, Max Seeck. The newcomer’s debut thriller The Angels of Hammurabi has created unparalleled buzz before its August publication and praised as gripping, unputdownable, and simply – cool.

The story centers around Daniel Kuisma, a military intelligence officer, and Annika Lehto, a Foreign Office analyst who are sent to investigate the disappearance of an employee of the Finnish Embassy in Zagreb. The investigation gets complicated when the mysteries start to unravel: something hidden happened in Daniel Kuisma’s days as a peacekeeper during the Yugoslav Wars. Everything seems to boil down to a group called The Angels of Hammurabi. Who are they – and who is killing them off, one by one?

“Sometimes, very rarely though, while reading an unpublished manuscript, you get a feeling of astonishment and disbelief: this is too good to be true, this has to be a skillful modification of something already published. But you just cannot put your finger on exactly which books and authors.
The further I went into the manuscript, this feeling was completely replaced by another notion. No, this is too skillful. Too well written. Too original. Very aware of the thriller and crime fiction tradition, yes, but has effectively went a long way into its own powerful direction.
My years in publishing have made me cautious of the saying “I could not put it down”. I wish I could have been able to say it more often. When it is true, you definitely want to share it with other people. Because you are certain they will enjoy it too.”

— Hannu Harju, Publishing Manager of Finnish Fiction, Tammi Publishers

Max Seeck (b. 1985) works in sales and marketing during the day and writes thrillers in the night-time. The Angels of Hammurabi is his first novel.

Finnish manuscript
English synopsis
English sample coming soon!

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