Weird Weather! Why does climate change?

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Original title: Ihme ilmat!

Published: 2019 October

Publisher: Into Kustannus

Class/genre: Non-Fiction

Pages: 48

Climate changes, why don’t we? Weird weather! answers children’s tough questions about climate change, and tells how we can all fight against it.

Two clever buddies, Lotta and Kasper get tired of their parents’ evasive answers about weird weather. They decide to research what climate change is really is

Weird weather! is accurate but hopeful children’s nonfiction that explains how humans are responsible for climate change
and what we can do to ensure a brighter future. It also gives tips on how everyone can make better choices and practice climate skills every day. But climate change won’t be beaten with tiny tricks, and this book also encourages talking to children about how to make changes in society, and how working together can change everything.

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Into Kustannus (orig.)
HUNGARY: Ciceró Könyvstúdió
ITALY: Mondadori/Edizioni Piemme
MEXICO: (Latin American Spanish rights): Ordinal Books
NORWAY: Aschehoug
SERBIA: Odiseja
SPAIN: Astronave
SWEDEN: Rabén & Sjögren
TURKEY: Kolektif
UNITED STATES (North America) Skyhorse Publishing/Sky Pony Press

This wonderfully illustrated and rather informative book may be the perfect way to help children (and adults) understand the importance of climate change and realize that if everyone made one small step in stopping it, our world would be much better and healthier place to live in.

Vesna Kapuran, Odiseja Publishing House, Serbia

We’re extremely proud to be the Hungarian publisher of Weird Weather. Minutes after opening the manuscript a few weeks ago, we knew this is a one of a kind book: not only because it deals with a crucially important topic but also because of how it deals with it. We think the illustrations and the whole layout is captivating, and the fact that the book is informative and entertaining at the same time is astonishing. We congratulate the authors and are looking forward to publishing Weird Weather next year

– Zoltan Komlo, Rights Director, Ciceró Könyvstúdió, Hungary

Laura Ertimo

Laura Ertimo is a geographer and author. She has previously worked in publishing of geography-related non-fiction and maps, and now she writes full time, specializing in children’s non-fiction. A recurring theme in her work is the holistic worldview, the interaction between phenomena, people and nature.

Author photo: Anna Autio.


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