The Secrets of Grimhill: The Guardians of the Shadows

Janne Malinen

Original title: Waaralinnan salaisuudet 3. Varjojen vartijat

Author: Janne Malinen

Illustrator: Teemu Juhani

Published: 2024

Publisher: Tammi

Genre: Middle Grade (8-12 Years)

Pages: 300

Part of a series: The Secrets of the Sanatorium

Reading material:

English synopsis 

English sample book 1

A captivating middle-grade trilogy about being an outsider, of friendship, bravery, and loss.

✓  A mystery adventure trilogy where nothing is what it seems

✓  The atmospheric setting, strong characters and unique plotlines make this an irresistible read

✓  Series trailer in English available

✓  For fans of Astrid Lindgren and Harry Potter

The Secrets of Grimhill is a mystery adventure trilogy for middle-graders. Respecting the old traditions of the genre, there are mysterious whispers and dark corridors - but also friendship and laughter.

Book #3:

The final installment of the trilogy sees darkness rising from the East. The fate of Grimhill is on the shoulders of three children.

A chilling cold creeps over the fields and the Grimhill Sanatorium is covered in snow. Oskar, Vilma and Robin walk tirelessly and defy danger as they wander deeper into the dark forest to save Krista. Time is running out, and the closer the children get to their destinationl, the darker and more threatening the shadows become. The trio needs to face the evil that lives in the forest, and eventually one of them is faced with a hard decision to make. But could there also be something good hidden in the darkness?

About author

Janne Malinen

Janne Malinen (born 1981) has worked for a long time in communication and PR and as a freelance journalist. He has graduated from University of Helsinki in 2010 with the major in literature. In 2022, he was selected as Communication Consultant of the Year in Finland. The Secrets of the Grimhill Sanatorium: Guardians of the Shadows is the final book of the of the Grimhill-trilogy.


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