The Secrets of Grimhill : Seven Lily-of-the-Valleys

Janne Malinen

Original title: Waaralinnan salaisuudet 1. Seitsemän kielonlehteä

Author: Janne Malinen

Illustrator: Teemu Juhani

Published: 2022

Publisher: Tammi

Genre: Middle Grade (8-12 Years)

Pages: 352

Part of a series: The Secrets of the Sanatorium

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English sample & synopsis

A captivating middle-grade trilogy about being an outsider, of friendship, bravery, and loss.

  • A mystery adventure trilogy where nothing is what it seems
  • The atmospheric setting, strong characters and unique plotlines make this an irresistible read
  • Series trailer in English available
  • For fans of Astrid Lindgren and Harry Potter

The thoughtful and elaborate opening of a middle-grade trilogy opens the doors to the mysterious Grimhill sanatorium, where secrets and dangers lurk both on the labyrinthine corridors as well as in the surrounding forest.

Oskar is a perfectly average boy living with his parents in the red brick house by the biggest market square in the city. Everything changes when he is diagnosed with a serious illness. His parents send him to the remote Grimhill sanatorium, which from the very first moments feels suspicious and off-putting – and the staff don’t make it better. It seems like they are hiding something. Together with his new friends Robin and Vilma, Oskar gets pulled into a compelling adventure as they try to find out what is behind the ominous voices in the night. And what is hiding within the cold forest which seems to enchant the children?

The Secrets of Grimhill: Seven Lily-of-the-Valleys begins an exciting and warm trilogy where nothing is what it seems.

“After reading the first part in the trilogy one feels as if the secrets have only been scratched a little [and there’s more to come]. Despite the exciting and even unpleasant events the book leaves one with a pleasant feeling, and one looks forward ot the next part with curiosity.”

Merja Leppälahti in Onnimanni Children’s literature magazine

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FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)


About author

Janne Malinen

Janne Malinen (born 1981) has worked for a long time in communication and PR and as a freelance journalist. He has graduated from University of Helsinki in 2010 with the major in literature. In 2022, he was selected as Communication Consultant of the Year in Finland. The Secrets of the Grimhill Sanatorium: Seven Lily-of-the-Valleys was Malinen’s debut book.


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