Nothing Really Disappears

Laura Gustafsson

Original title: Mikään ei todella katoa

Author: Laura Gustafsson

Published: 2023

Publisher: Like

Genre: Literary Fiction

Pages: 263

Reading material:

Finnish manuscript 

German sample

English sample + synopsis coming 24th November 2023

A turbulent story about animal-industrial complex, idealism, and companionship that transcends the boundaries between species.

Nominated for the Finlandia Prize 2023!

A professional activist approaching middle age realizes that she has lost her faith in life. For years she has been sneaking around in cowsheds, stared at horrible video materials and been patiently enlightening people. Still, even now someone asks whether she has thought about what the carrots feel. The animal-industrial complex continues to increase its output and it doesn’t matter that fashion houses are refusing fur clothing and people are pouring oat milk into their coffee. Faced with an overwhelming opponent, she must choose whether to continue fighting or whether it’s best to run away.

NOTHING REALLY DISAPPEARS is Laura Gustafsson’s sixth novel.

"Nothing Really Disappears is a compelling, at times even a hilarious story from the edge of a world gone wrong. The work woven of cold, terrifying facts and skillful narration ponders on how to act, when nothing seems to change for the better, at least not in the field of cruel factory farming and animal rights. The work manages to shock and influence in many ways thanks to its narrative strength."

- Finlandia Prize Jury

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Rights sold:
FINLAND: Like (orig).

About author

Laura Gustafsson

Laura Gustafsson is a novelist and playwright. Recurring themes in her work include oppression, violence, animal rights and the environment, which she approaches with precision, passion, irony and humor.

Gustafsson’s accolades include nominations for the Finlandia Prize and Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize, and her works have been translated into French and German.


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