Arttu Tuominen

Original title: Hyvitys

Author: Arttu Tuominen

Published: 2020

Publisher: WSOY

Genre: Crime & Suspense

Pages: 356

Part of a series: River Delta series

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English synopsis

Series presentation

Henning Mankell meets Stephen King! Arttu Tuominen’s unique human touch and excellence in depicting characters combined with shocking horror elements brings originality to Nordic Noir.

✓  Arttu Tuominen is a Palle Rosenkrantz Prize-winning and a Spiegel bestselling author! He was shortlisted for the Glass Key Awards 2021, a nominee Book Beat Finland’s Best Finnish Crime Author 2021-2023 and won the ‘Johtolanka’ Crime Novel of the Year Award 2020

✓  International success - River Delta series has sold to 7 territories!

A nightclub, popular among the sexual minorities, in Pori is attacked with a grenade. Five people die and many are injured. The mask-wearing perpetrator, calling themselves the Emissary, uploads a video on the internet claiming that homosexuality is a disease that must be purged from the world, urging others to join the fight.

The story is centered around police commissioner Henrik Oksman, who himself is gay and a transvestite. He himself had attended the club during the faithful night, dressed up as a woman, and had left earlier with another man. Oksman finds himself on the list of suspects police wants to find and interrogate.

The story takes the reader to the world of extremist groups, racism, and religious fundamentalism. How easy it is to shape something you cannot understand yourself?

They are fierce, these Finns, and this year, one of their best crime writers, Arttu Tuominen is awarded the Rosenkrantz Prize for Sendebuddet (Jeopardy) […] Tuominen’s writing is like moonshine when writing about brutally bitter souls.

– Palle Rosenkrantz Prize jury statement

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Rights sold:
DENMARK: Modtryk
FRANCE: Éditions de la Martinière
GERMANY: Bastei Lübbe
ITALY: Piemme
NETHERLANDS: Uitgeverij de Fontein
SLOVENIA: Založba Litera
Sweden: Lind & Co

About author

Arttu Tuominen

Arttu Tuominen lives in Pori and works as  an environmental inspector. During the evenings, he writes dark and tough crime novels. Tuominen is skilled at giving a strong voice to both sides of the law, a humane and a recognisable voice.


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