Arttu Tuominen

Original title: Vaiettu

Author: Arttu Tuominen

Published: 2021

Publisher: WSOY

Genre: Crime & Suspense

Pages: 402

Part of a series: River Delta series

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Series presentation

Henning Mankell meets Stephen King! Arttu Tuominen’s unique human touch and excellence in depicting characters combined with shocking horror elements brings originality to Nordic Noir.

✓  Arttu Tuominen is a Palle Rosenkrantz Prize-winning and a Spiegel bestselling author! He was shortlisted for the Glass Key Awards 2021, a nominee Book Beat Finland’s Best Finnish Crime Author 2021-2023 and won the ‘Johtolanka’ Crime Novel of the Year Award 2020

✓  International success - River Delta series has sold to 7 territories!

A 98-year-old war veteran is attacked, and someone tries to hang him. However, the assault is interrupted, and the victim is taken to the hospital. There the attacker strikes again, but police commissioner Jari Paloviita manages to get in between. Soon another old senior is attacked at home and killed in a cruel manner. An old Waffen-SS uniform is found in his apartment.

Another timeline follows young men travelling to the nationalist and antisemitic Ger-many to join the Waffen-SS during the 1941 ceasefire. Finns took part in Hitler’s fight against the Soviet Union. The army is followed by Germany’s Einzats-group, tasked with eliminating the political prisoners of war and the Jewish people. The cruelty of the war influences Finns who eventually also voluntarily partake in the murders of the pris-oners of war and the civilians.

The police must decide whether they stop the murder attempts towards the senior or look away. Are there things that cannot be forgiven?

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Rights sold:
DENMARK: Modtryk
FRANCE: Éditions de la Martinière
GERMANY: Bastei Lübbe
SLOVENIA: Založba Litera
SWEDEN: Lind & Co

About author

Arttu Tuominen

Arttu Tuominen lives in Pori and works as  an environmental inspector. During the evenings, he writes dark and tough crime novels. Tuominen is skilled at giving a strong voice to both sides of the law, a humane and a recognisable voice.


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