CupOfTherapy #1

Antti Ervasti

Original title: CupOfTherapy - TILKKANEN TERAPIAA

Author: Antti Ervasti

Illustrator: Matti Pikkujämsä

Published: 2017

Publisher: Otava

Genre: Personal Growth & Lifestyle

Pages: 226

Internationally bestselling and easily approachable and comforting selfcare with a visual approach – created by an experienced Finnish psychotherapist and an award-winning illustrator

✓  Selfcare for the Instagram generation!
✓  Relatable and comforting illustrations of the human experience with all its struggles and wonders
✓  With expert advice from a psychotherapist on how to deal with common struggles and experiences
✓  Books sold 75,000 copies! Rights sold to 20+ countries! Bestseller in the MUJI stores in Japan!

The CupOfTherapy illustrations are the results of Antti’s and Matti’s cooperation combining psychotherapeutic expertise and the artist’s talent to capture human experience and put it on paper. They discuss daily events, topical phenomena and their own experiences together and Matti sketches animal figures simultaneously. The topics and the reflection of their discussions are interactively and lovingly refined into CupOfTherapy illustrations.

CupOfTherapy offers encouragement, comfort and humor as suitable bites for different moments of life. A small big book from the creators of the hugely popular Finnish phenomenon CupofTherapy.

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About author

Antti Ervasti

Antti Ervasti is a psychotherapist specialising in family, couples and sexual therapy. He  also gives lectures and addresses several sexuality related issues such as identity, relationships and  well-being in his workshops and lectures.


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