CupOfTherapy #2: Self-care Everyday

Antti Ervasti

Original title: CupOfTherapy – TUNTI TUNNILTA TUNTIEN

Author: Antti Ervasti

Illustrator: Matti Pikkujämsä

Published: 2020

Publisher: Gummerus

Genre: Personal Growth & Lifestyle

Pages: 223

Internationally bestselling and easily approachable and comforting selfcare with a visual approach – created by an experienced Finnish psychotherapist and an award-winning illustrator

✓  Selfcare for the Instagram generation!
✓  Relatable and comforting illustrations of the human experience with all its struggles and wonders
✓  With expert advice from a psychotherapist on how to deal with common struggles and experiences
✓  Books sold 75,000 copies! Rights sold to 20+ countries! Bestseller in the MUJI stores in Japan!

CupOfTherapy – Together Through The Hours addresses a current and important matter: work–life balance. The book is like a strong bear hug with a great message: It is normal to face obstacles and problems, and we are important the way we are, with all our fur and everything . The book offers fiercely sweet encouragement amid all the challenges in our everyday life and work.

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Rights sold:
PORTUGAL: Bertrand


About author

Antti Ervasti

Antti Ervasti is a psychotherapist specialising in family, couples and sexual therapy. He  also gives lectures and addresses several sexuality related issues such as identity, relationships and  well-being in his workshops and lectures.


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