New crime series THE KRISTINESTAD MURDERS: Nordic crime, old coastal town, and drama!

We are so very excited to announce representation of a brand new debut crime author, Kaisu Tuokko, a publishing professional from Finland. Kaisu Tuokko’s new acclaimed crime series, THE KRISTINESTAD MURDERS is a perfect mix of Nordic crime, interpersonal drama, and the beautiful surroundings of the coastal old town of Kristinestad, Western Finland. If you love Viveca Sten, The Sandham Murders, Camilla Läckberg and Åsa Larsson, this is the new addictive crime series for you!


Tuokko’s narration is effortless. The life of youth with its crises also appears natural. The plot of Revenge keeps one in its grip, even surprising the reader. The crime is the size of one book, but the story of Eevi and Mats is left open by the author.”  –Keskisuomalainen newspaper

THE KRISTINESTAD MURDERS: Book 1: Revenge by Kaisu Tuokko (Otava)

Published in Finland on May 19th, 2023, REVENGE, book 1 in THE KRISTINESTAD MURDERS (orig. Kosto, Otava), opens with the scenery of the old coastal town of Kristinestad, where the idyll is broken when a young man’s body is found in the sea. 

Criminal investigator Mats Bergholm is called to work in Kristinestad, and journalist Eevi Manner is also interested in the case. The local newspaper sends Eevi to the crime scene. In order to solve the case, Eevi and Mats, who grew up in the same town, have to put aside their shared past of first love.
When Eevi is contacted by a local youth, the overall picture of the events that led to the death begins to take shape. However, the dark secrets of the locals sit tight, and at first glance it is not at all clear who is the victim and who is the culprit.


Eevi Manner, 39, from Kristinestad, has lived in Helsinki for about 15 years and returned to her old hometown to work as a journalist for the local newspaper. Mirek, a photographer, is her partner.

Mats Bergholm, police. He comes from Kristinestad and now lives in Vaasa with his family, has a cottage in Kristinestad, Eevi’s first and great love, which ended unhappily. The One That Got Away.

Kristinestad is unique in its environment, a beautiful coastal old town in Western Finland with idyllic treehouses and dark secrets, a kind of Twin Peaks in Finland. Kristinestad has a long history, founded in 1649 by Peter Brahe and named for Queen Christina of Sweden.  Today, Kristinestad is a small idyllic coastal town, filled with tourists in the summer and dead quiet (pun intended) in the winter. A cute little town with fast-paced municipal politics and lots of dark secrets. The rest of Ostrobothnia will also be part of the series’ environment.

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The Kristinestad Murders : Revenge (Kosto, Otava, May 2023, 298pp)
Crime Fiction

Reading material: English sample book 1 + English synopsis books 1-3, English series presentation

Rights sold: FINLAND (orig.): Otava

About author

Kaisu Tuokko

Kaisu Tuokko’s aim is to create a series where interpersonal relationships and the idyll of a small town are mixed with cruel events – using psychological tension to build stories about how badly we know the families or friends of our neighbors, of our loved ones. Everyone has secrets, but some of them are more dangerous than others.

Tuokko loves the stories of strangers, secrets of small towns, rainy autumn evenings, and the Swedish language. She lives in Helsinki, and has named her main character after her grandparents.


2024, Crime & Suspense


Kaisu Tuokko

2023, Crime & Suspense


Kaisu Tuokko