Ahlback Agency is 14 years old!

This week, we are happy to have celebrated our 14th anniversary with the Editor’s Week guests Kerstin Almegård (Albert Bonniers Förlag), Sarah Braybrooke (Ithaka Press), Melle van Loenen (Nieuw Amsterdam), Julia Suchorski (Polaris/rororo) and Andrzej Szewczyk (Poznańskie), invited to Finland by FILI.

Many happy moments shared and wonderful discussions about excellent Finnish non-fiction titles had – thank you to our international guests and FILI!

Furthermore, we are thrilled to finally share with you our brand new innovative digital Storyfinder tool, tailored to help publishing and media professionals to find the next megaseller! We invite you to use our Storyfinder tool in order to find the perfect match. In case you missed the news earlier, read all about it here.

We are enormously proud of the authors we have the honor to represent, and so happy to keep working to put Finnish literature on the world map!

Julia Suchorski from Polaris, Elina, and Anna
Julia Suchorski from Polaris, Sarah Braybrooke from Ithaka, and Elina
Kerstin Almegård from Albert Bonniers, Elina, and Anna
Elina, Mimi, and Andrzej Szewczyk from Poznanskie
Melle van Loenen from Nieuw Amsterdam, Elina, and Anna
Team lunch (minus Sten-Erik who’s enjoying a well-deserved summer holiday)!