Find your next megaseller for film, tv, books by diving into Ahlback Agency’s Storyfinder! A new and groundbreaking digital tool!

Be innovative, be bold, start finding your next big hit from Ahlback Agency’s catalogue! 
Whether you are a book publisher, film or television producer, studio, or other entertainment executive or scout looking for the next big megaseller and the right intellectual property for your company, we invite you to use our new innovative digital Storyfinder tool to help you find the perfect match!

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For optimal experience, we currently recommend using Storyfinder in desktop view.

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Finland’s #1 literary agency, and one of the leading agencies in the Nordics, Ahlback Agency, has created and launched a brand new and ground-breaking digital tool for film & tv executives, producers and studios as well as book publishers! Dive into Storyfinder and find your next big hit from Ahlback Agency’s catalogue – wherever you are whenever you wish!

From Cannes Film Festival we hear that there is a hunger for new voices, for distinct and unique content and concepts that attract attention. Where to find the next megahits, where to go between the festivals and trade fairs? A sustainable digital tool is the answer.

You might be looking for a book with female protagonist, set in Lapland, solving a murder mystery or… Discover the possibilities!

We are thrilled to unveil Ahlback Agency’s latest groundbreaking digital tool – Storyfinder!

Through Storyfinder, it is possible to search for available Media and Publishing Rights for our exciting titles in a new and groundbreaking way by selecting themes, location, time period and characters.

Ahlback Agency gratefully acknowledges the financial support of Business Finland in the creation of the Storyfinder digital tool!


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