Kirsti Paakkanen in Memoriam 1929-2021

We fondly remember the memory of Ms. Kirsti Paakkanen who passed away on Wednesday, November 3rd.

We are deeply saddened by the news of Ms. Kirsti Paakkanen’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kirsti Paakkanen’s family and friends. Our heartfelt condolences.

We are truly grateful to represent The Marimekko Story: The Greatest of All is Love written by Ulla-Maija Paavilainen, published in Finland by Otava in 2020.

This is a story of Marimekko’s former owner and CEO Kirsti Paakkanen who took over the Finnish design house and turned Marimekko into a successful worldwide brand name. The Marimekko Story: The Greatest of All is Love has recently been published in Japan by Shodensha and in Estonia by Helios.

by Ulla-Maija Paavilainen

Ulla-Maija Paavilainen: Suurin niistä on rakkaus. Kirsti Paakkasen tarina
Otava, 2020, 346 pp.

Rights sold:
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
JAPAN: Shodensha

About author

Ulla-Maija Paavilainen

Ulla-Maija Paavilainen, award-winning journalist, is the author of several well-received novels and non-fiction books. She has worked as the editor-in-chief at several top Finnish magazines over the past 25 years. One of her specific areas of interest is the role of women in working life and analysing the power structure and what is required for women to have successful careers.

Paavilainen’s most recent work is the moving biography of the legendary entrepreneur Kirsti Paakkanen, who took over Marimekko, one of Finland’s most famous design brands. Kirsti Paakkanen: Greatest of All is Love is the story of Marimekko, an authentic rags-to riches tale of how a poor girl from the countryside first founded the world’s first all-women’s advertising agency, Womena. Selling Womena when she was 62, Paakkanen bought Marimekko, a global design company that was on the verge of bankruptcy and turned it around into an international iconic fashion house.


2020, Memories & Biographies

The Greatest of All Is Love. The Marimekko Story

Ulla-Maija Paavilainen