THE MARIMEKKO STORY sold to Japan: The Greatest of All is Love.

Wonderful news! Japanese rights of THE GREATEST OF ALL IS LOVE. THE MARIMEKKO STORY have been acquired by Shodensha. This no.1 bestselling non-fiction title was published in Finland in April, with over 30,000 copies sold, and feature film in development by Aurora Studios. Rights were previously sold in Estonia.

The editor at Shodensha is excited: “We saw that this title could shed light to the problems which Japan is facing today. Not only is it a business book, but also it will become a book to give inspiration to and encourage the readers here to give the gender gap serious thought. Finland ranks very high on the Gender Gap Index, and is a country where the social norm is for women to be active. Japan needs to know about the Finnish social environment, and the energy, lifestyle and story of Ms. Kirsti Paakkanen. As a general publisher, we are confident that we are flexible and promote this title which carries the author’s thoughts to fit perfectly in the Japanese society.”
Shodensha, established in 1970, is general trade publisher of magazines (women’s fashion, lifestyle, etc.), novels, nonfiction (business, how-to), paperbacks, and manga of all genres.

The Greatest of All is Love. The Marimekko Story.

The breath-taking rags-to-riches story of Marimekko’s former owner and CEO Kirsti Paakkanen, who took over the Finnish design house and turned Marimekko into a successful worldwide brand name.

Author bio:
Ulla-Maija Paavilainenaward-winning journalist, is the author of several well-received novels and non-fiction books. She has worked as the editor-in-chief at several top Finnish magazines over the past 25 years.

Suurin niistä on rakkaus
Otava, April 2020, 346 pp.

Rights sold:
FINLAND: Otava (orig.)
JAPAN: Shodensha

Reading materials:
English sample, Finnish edition