Hungarian rights for STORMSEYE by Meri Luttinen sold to Európa Könyvkiadó!

We are really happy to let you know that the award-winning YA fantasy debut STORMSEYE by Meri Luttinen has found its publisher in Hungary!

The happy new publisher is Európa Könyvkiadó, the Hungarian publisher for Christopher Paolini, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, Kazuo Ishiguro, Stephen King, Milan Kundera, etc.

STORMSEYE is an adventure set in the ancient Finnish fantasy world and a touching story about a young woman finding her own place in society.
It won the coveted Topelius prize and was nominated for  Finlandia Prize for Children’s & YA literature 2020 and also Kuvastaja Award!

Download English sample and synopsis for STORMSEYE here!

Just recently the Russian rights were sold to one of the TOP40 publishers in the World –  Eksmo!

“We are glad to bring joy to our readers with such a wonderful book as Stormseye (Myrskynsilmä) by Meri Luttinen. It is an inspiring story that will certainly adorn our publishing portfolio. This is a book about a young girl looking for the place she belongs – exactly what we have been looking for a long time!”
– Alexey Smirnov, Foreign Rights Manager, Eksmo, Russia

by Meri Luttinen
A beautiful fantasy adventure set in the ancient Finnish fantasy world where a young woman finds her own place in the society

On a long midsummer night, when the sun never really sets, sixteen-year-old Kainu stands at the edge of a series of red circles drawn in ochre on the ground.

All young girls in her village discover what their future role in life is going to be by taking part in this ancient and traditional “rite of the circles”. Girls usually find that they end up in one of the more common circles that points them in the direction of roles such as matrons, mothers, or craftswomen. No one even dreams about the five most unique and select innermost circles, usually reserved for shamans and sages. Not one single girl has ever found themselves directed to one of the special circles for hundreds of years.

However, when Kainu enters the very middle circle which is that of a Great Sage, heavy responsibilities fall on her, and she has to go on a long journey to find out who she really is.

Praise for the award-winning STORMSEYE:

Set in an ancient Finnish fantasy world, the debut novel is a great story of a young woman growing up, it deals with difference, loneliness and overcoming one’s own fears.
– Topelius Prize Jury

Meri Luttinen is a skillful writer, her debut novel Myrskynsilmä is a masterful story that progresses effortlessly.
Kirjavinkit blog, Finland

“he language of the book is highly nuanced, and the narrative flows like a gushy stream. Despite its volume, the novel is a real page-turner.
Lastenkirjahylly Blog, FInland

The Finlandia Prize Nominee YA book Stormseye expands on the subject of being seen and being seen in the right way. — The story haunted me.
– Kangasalan Sanomat newspaper, Finland

WSOY, 2020, 397 pp.
Age group: 13 or 14+

English sample and synopsis


HUNGARY: Európa Könyvkiadó

About author

Meri Luttinen

Meri Luttinen is an award-winning Finnish debut writer from Tampere. Her debut Stormseye won the Topelius prize and was nominated for both Kuvastaja Award and Finlandia Prize for Children's & YA literature in 2020.

She has a Master's degree in Finnish language and literature and has worked teaching Finnish and creating study materials. Luttinen is fascinated by everyday life in different eras and wants to transport readers to other worlds with her texts.


2020, Young Adult (13 or 14+)


Meri Luttinen