Meri Luttinen’s STORMSEYE wins Topelius Prize

Congratulations to our author Meri Luttinen, whose debut novel, a YA fantasy Stormseye (Myrskynsilmä, WSOY 2020) has won prestigious Topelius Prize.

“Set in an ancient Finnish fantasy world, the debut novel is a great story of a young woman growing up, it deals with difference, loneliness and overcoming one’s own fears.” – Topelius Prize Jury

Topelius Prize is given yearly for the best young adult novel. Stormseye was also nominated for Finlandia Prize for Children’s & YA Literature 2020.

About author

Meri Luttinen

Meri Luttinen is an award-winning Finnish debut writer from Tampere. Her debut Stormseye won the Topelius prize and was nominated for both Kuvastaja Award and Finlandia Prize for Children's & YA literature in 2020.

She has a Master's degree in Finnish language and literature and has worked teaching Finnish and creating study materials. Luttinen is fascinated by everyday life in different eras and wants to transport readers to other worlds with her texts.


2020, Young Adult (13 or 14+)


Meri Luttinen