German 3-book deal for ANNI THE FRIEND TAMER series

“Shy people of the world, unite!” We are very happy to announce that German rights for ANNI THE FRIEND TAMER and the next two books in the series have been sold to Loewe Verlag in a pre-empt. These are the first foreign rights sales to this new book series. Congratulations to author Kaisa Paasto!

Finnish author Kaisa Paasto and her debut ANNI THE FRIEND TAMER have been shortlisted for the LukuVarkaus Award, honouring books targeted at readers under 12 years old. The winner will be announced in June.

Praise from the German publisher:

“Kaisa Paasto manages to carry out the inner emotional world of shy children, but at the same time effortlessly portrays the heroine likeable and self-confident. What immediately convinced us was the sweet little pig, which reflects the development of the protagonist: At first scared, strange and a bit out of place, in the end an open, lovable friend. What a wonderful story!“
– Laura Hänel, Editor, Loewe Verlag


“Anni the Friend Tamer succeeds in showing how a person can be quite different in different environments: at home Anni is happy and confident, at school she’s shy and clumsy. The crucial understanding comes when Anni realizes that instead of taming a friend, she needs to tame her own school self. She needs to learn how to be herself. In this first part of a new children’s novel series there’s plenty of humour both in the text and in the pictures.
– Helsingin Sanomat

Download Full English manuscript here.

by Kaisa Paasto

Anni is a 10-year-old girl. When her friend Miisa moves abroad, Anni has a chilling realization: she has never had to find a new friend. Is it too late to learn how to make friends? Obviously no-one can learn a skill this big when they’re 10. Can they?

At home Anni has a different sort of problem: her new pet pig is refusing to be trained. He just wants to stay in his safe place, under the table. Good thing that Anni’s brother has just had a major back operation, as this means he has lots of time to lie in bed and dole out great advice. Anni’s parents are also alright as far as parents go, even if they do laugh a bit too much at their own jokes. So it’s not all too bad – she just needs to become a ‘friend tamer’!


In the second part Anni wants to do good. Her class is shown a news clip about a hurricane in Brazil. In the clip Anni sees a girl who has a T-shirt, exactly like the one that Anni has in her closet. Anni feels a strong desire to do something to help. With her friend Riia they will make a movie, show it in the library auditorium and raise money for charity work in Brazil.


Anni learns how to deal with difficult people. Anni’s family spends the summer in a small island near Turku with Anni’s uncle and his family. Anni has never spent much time with her cousin, but oh boy, he turns out to be a pest. He’s mean and sly and prone to temper tantrums.


Author Kaisa Paasto

Kaisa Paasto (born 1979) spent her childhood in the north of Finland and now lives in Espoo with her husband, two children and several pets. But sadly, no pigs.

Kaisa has a Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature, and she has previously worked as translator, audiovisual translator and entrepreneur. She is now working as a marketing content specialist. For the joy of her publishing editor, she herself has also done some work as a publishing editor.

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)

GERMANY: Loewe Verlag

About author

Kaisa Paasto

Kaisa Paasto spent her childhood in the north of Finland and now lives in Espoo with her husband, two children, bunnies and a shih tzu. Kaisa has a master’s degree in Comparative Literature and has previously worked as translator, content specialist and entrepreneur. Apart from the Anni books she has published domestic thrillers for adults by Storytel Original.


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