Kaisa Paasto

Original title: Prankenstein

Author: Kaisa Paasto

Illustrator: Mari Ahokoivu

Published: 2024

Publisher: Tammi

Genres: Chapter Books (6-9 Years), Middle Grade (8-12 Years)

Pages: 112

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If you could become a prank legend at school, is it worth going for it at any costs? This highly illustrated, bold story encourages even the most reluctant reader to keep on turning the pages!

✓ A funny and prank-filled story with a subtle message about kindness and accepting yourself

✓ For fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid

✓ From the successful author-illustrator duo behind the Anni the Friend Tamer series!

✓ Illustrator Mari Ahokoivu won the Puupäähattu Comic Book Award 2023 and has been nominated for the Finlandia Prize in 2021

✓ Sequel coming in spring 2025

The fifth grader Elmeri has never seriously considered a career as a prankster. But he manages to do a superbly great prank - completely accidentally. Elmeri’s cousin Robin thinks his chance has come and becomes Elmeri’s Personal Prankster Trainer. With his coaching, Elmeri will be the amazing Prankenstein and his best prank will be remembered by future generations!

Elmeri also realizes that pranks may be a good opportunity to impress Mima, who lives on the same street and is quite OK. The pranks also help when Leo, the bully at school, needs to be dealt with. But when a planned prank involves a famous magician and the president of Finland, Elmeri has to ask himself: can you take it too far?

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About author

Kaisa Paasto

Kaisa Paasto spent her childhood in the north of Finland and now lives in Espoo with her husband, two children, bunnies and a shih tzu. Kaisa has a master’s degree in Comparative Literature and has previously worked as translator, content specialist and entrepreneur. Apart from the Anni books she has published domestic thrillers for adults by Storytel Original.


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