Nordic Inspirations Webinar – with Bestselling Authors, Mia Kankimäki and Frank Martela!

Get inspired with two of Finland’s most thought-provoking authors in the upcoming free online webinar: Nordic Inspirations!

You are invited to an exclusive webinar: “Nordic Inspirations” featuring internationally bestselling authors from Finland, Mia Kankimäki and Frank Martela, PhD.

The webinar is hosted by Elina Ahlback Literary Agency, and moderated by Gudrun Giddings and Marc Graser.

Date: Tuesday, December 8th  Time: 11 am PST/ 2 pm EST / 8 pm CET / 9 pm EET.

Register by emailing  RSVPWEBINAR2020@GMAIL.COM.

The event is free. Welcome!

Find out more about Mia Kankimäki here and Frank Martela, PhD here.

Praise for Mia and Frank

Putting Mia Kankimäki alongside authors such as Barack Obama, Fortune magazine named Kankimäki’s unique work one of their 6 books to read in November!

“Fortysomething, childless, and feeling stuck, Finnish author Mia Kankimäki takes that big leap we all fantasize about but never have the guts to do: She quits her job, sells her apartment, and travels the world. In a blend of travelogue, memoir, and biography, Kankimäki recounts her travels through Japan, Kenya, and Italy, while retracing the steps of 10 remarkable female pioneers from history.” – Fortune

“The search for life’s meaning is perhaps the most important quest we can undertake. And for any quest, it’s essential to have a guide. Philosophically probing yet eminently readable, A Wonderful Life  is a book you can refer to again and again on your journey toward purpose.” – Daniel H. Pink,  New York Times bestselling author of  When, Drive, To Sell Is Human, and A Whole Mind

Mia Kankamaki The Women I think About At Night US

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