New Agent joins Elina Ahlback Literary Agency

The year 2019 marks Elina Ahlback Literary Agency’s 10th anniversary, and we are very happy to welcome a new agent Toomas Aasmäe to our team.

Toomas started on 9th of May 2019 at our Agency, and will be handling sales to Czech Republic, Baltics, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Eastern andSouthern European territories, as well as World Arabic rights. Toomas has a B.Sc. degree in Political Science, which he studied at the University of Tartu. He has been working as an E-Commerce Manager and Development Manager for Estonia’s largest bookseller, Rahva Raamat for the past seven years. Toomas is enthusiastic about literature, analytics, and retail sales.

Join us in congratulating Toomas and welcoming him to the Elina Ahlback Literary Agency!

Here are all of our team members and their responsibilities:

Elina Ahlbäck
CEO & Owner, Literary Agent
Germany, France, Italy
U.S., UK & Commonwealth in collaboration with Agency’s co-agent
Film & TV rights in collaboration with Agency’s media rights representative
Spain, Brazil, Portugal and Asian territories in collaboration with co-agencies

Julia Kellums
Literary Agent
Nordic Countries, the Netherlands, Germany
Scandinavian Subrights: Macmillan US Children’s & Simon & Schuster US Children’s
Social media & communications

Toomas Aasmäe
Literary Agent 
Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Baltics, and Eastern & Southern Europe, world Arabic
Social media & Communications

Nicole Myyryläinen
Rights Coordinator
Contracts and royalties
Helsinki office administration

China & Taiwan: The Grayhawk Agency
Japan: Japan UNI Agency, Inc.
Korea: Danny Hong Agency
Spain, Brazil, Portugal: MB Agencia Literaria
Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam: Tuttle-Mori Agency Co.,Ltd.