Apply for FILI grants for Finnish literature now, deadline 1st May!

The FILI translation grant programme promotes the translation and publication of literature from Finland abroad. FILI distributes approx. €700,000 in translation grants, travel grants and promotional grants for over 400 different projects annually. Foreign publishers are eligible for these grants, which support the translation of Finnish literature into foreign languages and the translation of international literature into Finnish.

FILI’s second grant application round has begun on 1 April 2019. The deadline for the applications is 1 May. The results will be published by mid-June.
Read the grant instructions here:

Our Spring titles are eligible for application. Highlights include:

Fiction: My Friend Natalia by Laura Lindstedt (request material)
ThrillerThe Faithful Reader by Max Seeck (request material)
Non-FictionThe Soul of Finnish Sauna by Carita Harju (request material)
Middle-gradeMonster Nanny series by Tuutikki Tolonen & Pasi Pitkänen (request material)
Agnes by Tuutikki Tolonen (request material)

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Fiction & Nonfiction
Children & YA