The Soul of Finnish Sauna

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English proposal
Finnish manuscript available in Spring 2019

Original title: Saunakirja

Published: 2019

Publisher: TBA

Class/genre: Non-Fiction

Wellness, health and happiness: A book about Finnish saunas and the Finnish sauna lifestyle.

Sauna is one of the few Finnish words that are used as loanwords in other languages, and it very well might be that the concept of the age-old bathing ritual is better known than the country itself. As people are getting increasingly interested in well-being and finding new ways to better health, also saunas as a source of wellness are experiencing a renaissance: for instance, sauna was recently ranked the no. 1 global wellness trend by Global Wellness Summit. This book claims that saunas offer the possibility to even make the world a better place.

The book includes information on “the soul of Finnish sauna” and interesting case studies. It pays attention to both, the physical and the mental health benefits of sauna bathing. It can be recommended to anyone interested in their own health and wellness.

(Proposal’s photography and design (c) Hanna Söderström)

Rights sold (The Finnish Sauna Book):
JAPAN, Toyo Keizai

Carita Harju

Carita Harju founded the organization Sauna from Finland in 2010 to do concrete work to raise awareness of the potential of Finnish saunas, promote the export of saunas, and commercialize sauna innovations: the organization’s mission is to create the world’s best sauna experiences. Her previous works include a coffee table book on sauna.


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