French rights to Cruel is the Night by Karo Hämäläinen sold to Actes Sud!

Hamalainen_FrenchWe are excited to announce that Actes Sud has acquired French rights to Karo Hämäläinen’s Cruel is the Night (WSOY 2013), a darkly humorous thriller of four characters that merges Agatha Christie with Quentin Tarantino. World English rights were previously sold to Soho Press, and Italian rights to Newton Compton.

Among other authors published by Actes Sud are Paul Auster, Stieg Larsson, Cormac McCarthy and Johanna Sinisalo.

“A thrillingly suspenseful novel that plunges the reader into a huis clos of almost bursting tension. Evil intentions lure behind the seemingly relaxed atmosphere and upper-class smiles. The constant uncertainty, the feeling that something terrible is going to happen at any moment… Smart, elegant and delightfully Hitchcockian.”
– Hege Roel Rousson, Consulting Editor, Actes Sud

“We’re thrilled to be publishing Cruel Is the Night, both because of its delightful premise and execution and also because we are excited to work with this dynamic, versatile author. A literary homage to the locked-room mystery, Cruel Is the Night is exactly the blend of genre class and literary elegance we look for at Soho Crime.”
– Juliet Grames, Associate Publisher, Soho Press

About the book:

Ruthless journalist Mikko is on his way to London to visit his old friend Robert, who has become fabulously wealthy and married the gorgeous Elise. Unbeknownst to his wife Veera, Mikko is planning on murdering Robert. On the evening’s menu are bones to pick, hidden motives, skeletons in the closet, a champagne sword, a cyanide capsule, a pinch of poison and a loaf of bread that’s not for just anyone’s consumption.

About the author:

Karo Hämäläinen (b. 1976) has a 15-year background as an economics reporter. His first thriller The Buyout (2011) was an immediate critical success. Hämäläinen also works as a journalist, literary critic and managing editor of Parnasso, Finland’s best-known literary publication.

Original publisher:
FRANCE, Actes Sud
ITALY, Newton Compton

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About author

Karo Hämäläinen

Karo Hämäläinen (b. 1976) has two passions: literature and the stock market, and has a 15-year background as an economics reporter. He works as the managing editor managing editor of Parnasso, Finland’s best-known literary publication. Hämäläinen’s novel The Buyout was shortlisted for the Savonia Prize in 2011 and received the Tampere Literary Prize in 2012.

Hämäläinen has studied both in the humanities and in economics. Following stints in Helsinki, Munich and Berlin, he now lives in Tampere, Finland. He is a popular lecturer and guest commentator, and has had his own radio show. In his professional work, he uses Finnish, English, German and Swedish. In his spare time, Hämäläinen likes reading and running; his record marathon time set in 2010 is 3:04:04.


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Karo Hämäläinen

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Cruel is the Night

Karo Hämäläinen

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