Karo Hämäläinen receives the Tampere Literary Prize

Congratulations to Karo Hämäläinen who has received the Tampere Literary Prize for his novel The Buyout (Erottaja, WSOY 2011).

“Erottaja is the first Finnish financial thriller. Hämäläinen’s style is punchy and professional, and the language suits splendid in the theme”, the literary prize committee motivates the reward.

The World Spanish rights have been sold to Ediciones B who will publish their edition in Summer 2012.

Please ask for the English sample translation, full Finnish manuscript and reading copies!

About author

Karo Hämäläinen

Karo Hämäläinen (b. 1976) has two passions: literature and the stock market, and has a 15-year background as an economics reporter. He works as the managing editor managing editor of Parnasso, Finland’s best-known literary publication. Hämäläinen’s novel The Buyout was shortlisted for the Savonia Prize in 2011 and received the Tampere Literary Prize in 2012.

Hämäläinen has studied both in the humanities and in economics. Following stints in Helsinki, Munich and Berlin, he now lives in Tampere, Finland. He is a popular lecturer and guest commentator, and has had his own radio show. In his professional work, he uses Finnish, English, German and Swedish. In his spare time, Hämäläinen likes reading and running; his record marathon time set in 2010 is 3:04:04.


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