Tuula Karjalainen’s Tove Jansson biography to be published in 10 territories

Karjalainen newsletter 140130Dr. Tuula Karjalainen’s The Life and Art of Tove Jansson (Tove Jansson – Tee työtä ja rakasta, Tammi 2013), narrating the multifaceted artistic career of the beloved creator of the Moomins, will be published in 10 territories to mark Tove Jansson’s 100th anniversary in 2014. Rights to the book have most recently been sold in China (Shanghai Cai Qin Ren Culture Diffusion) and Estonia (Varrak).

Earlier this month, Norstedts in Sweden published The Life and Art of Tove Jansson to rave reviews.

“Tuula Karjalainen’s biography of Tove Jansson resists the simple formula. Sure, the Moomins play a large role in the book, as they did in Jansson’s life, but they never seem to be dominating it. Even after their success, Jansson continued to try perfecting her artistic expression, both as a visual artist and a writer,” wrote Svenska Dagbladet newspaper in its January 22nd issue.

“Reading this well-informed, enthralling book about Tove Jansson is a fascinating experience…the rich visuals are an added bonus,” wrote Aftonbladet newspaper.

Tuula Karjalainen (b. 1942), Finnish art historian and nonfiction writer, has previously worked as director of the Helsinki Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki. Last week she was awarded the esteemed Lauri Jäntti Prize, given annually to the author of an outstanding book of Finnish nonfiction. Karjalainen is curating a 100th anniversary exhibition of Tove Jansson’s work. The exhibition will open on March 13th at Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki, and tour internationally.

CHINA, Shanghai Cai Qin Ren Culture Diffusion
FINLAND, Schildts & Söderströms (Swedish)
GERMANY, Urachhaus
JAPAN, Kawade Shobo Shinsha
NORWAY, Heinesen
SWEDEN, Norstedts

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Finland, Tammi (Finnish)

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Tuula Karjalainen

Dr. Tuula Karjalainen is a Finnish art historian and non-fiction writer who has previously worked as a director of the Helsinki Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Helsinki. As the author of Tove Jansson’s biography, Tuula Karjalainen has become an expert not only on Jansson’s works but also on her several decades of personal correspondence and journals.


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Tove Jansson: Work and Love

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