Maria Peura is participating in the annual Lahti International Writers’ Reunion (LIWRE) 19.-21.6.

Author Maria Peura is participating in the annual Lahti International Writers’ Reunion (LIWRE) 19.-21.6. This year’s theme, The Writer Beyond Words, concentrates on how the writer meets the limits of language and narration. The event draws people from Finland and all around the world. Also participating are, for instance, Riina Katajavuori and Hannele Huovi. The event is organized for the 25th time this year and takes place in the Messilä Manor, near the city of Lahti.

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About author

Maria Peura

Maria Peura is a prize-winning author and dramaturge. She was given the prestigious Young Aleksis Kivi Prize, and nominated for the Finlandia Prize, for her debut novel Your Love Is Infinite (On rakkautes ääretön) in 2001. It also received received the Olvi Foundation Award and the Good Deed for Children Award. At the Edge of Light (Valon reunalla), received stellar reviews both in Finland and in the UK, where it was published in 2007. Among Peura’s other works is a collection of poetry for children.


2023, Literary Fiction


Maria Peura

2014, Literary Fiction

And the Stars Fall

Maria Peura

2005, Literary Fiction

At the Edge of Light

Maria Peura

2001, Literary Fiction

Your Love Is Infinite

Maria Peura