A Wonderful Life: Insights for Finding a Meaningful Existence

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Full English manuscript

Original title: A Wonderful Life: Insights for Finding a Meaningful Existence

Published: 2020 Spring

Publisher: HarperCollins/Harper Design

Class/genre: Non-Fiction

Pages: 200

Meaning of Your Life Explained. Why Happiness is Not Enough for a Life Worth Living

Would you like to know what the meaning of your life is? In this secular era when old truths have lost their grip, more and more of us are yearning to know how our brief lives on earth could be made truly worth living. Yet a satisfactory answer has been hidden in esoteric philosophical papers and scattered psychological research. Until now.

In this engagingly insightful book, Frank Martela – one of the only academic experts who has contributed to both the philosophical and psychological research on meaning in life – takes you on a voyage through the history, philosophy, and psychology of meaningfulness and worthy living. The journey starts in the 19th century, where it is revealed why and how the Scottish author Thomas Carlyle came to be the first person in history who actually used the phrase »meaning of life.» The life stories of Carlyle and Russian author Leo Tolstoy serve as representative examples of the transformation that this book aims to guide you, the reader, through. Finally, an answer is provided to the question of meaning that is compatible with latest scientific knowledge about human nature, yet still both inspiring and actionable.

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Gummerus
ESTONIA: Rahva Raamat
JAPAN: HarperCollins Japan
KOREA: Across Publishing
RUSSIA: Bombora
UNITED STATES: HarperCollins/Harper Design

What is the meaning in life? That is e a universal question which everyone has considered once at least. Obviously, Japan is no exception. And this title digs into the theme deeply and is very readable. We are really happy to bring this title to the Japanese readers.
– Risa Matsushita, Editor, HarperCollins Japan

Frank Martela has been a wonderful, insightful and humorous contributor to fulfillmentdaily.com with a unique perspective on the science of happiness. I have no doubt that his book will be fascinating and entertaining.
Emma Seppälä, PhD, Science Director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford University, author of The Happiness Track (HarperOne, 2016)

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Frank Martela

Frank Martela, PhD., is essentially the only contemporary academic researcher who has published several articles on the topic of the meaning of life with a unique perspective on the science of happiness. He has collaborated with key experts of the topic and presented his research in numerous academic conferences as well as invited lectures at universities such as Stanford University, University of Edinburgh, and Simon Fraser University. He is a popular lecturer and author of three well-received and bestselling non-fiction books. Currently a post-doctoral researcher at Aalto University, Finland, he has been a visiting scholar at University of Rochester, NY. and Australian Catholic University.


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