Little Mouse Helps Out

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Finnish edition
English edition

Original title: Pikku hiiri saa vieraan

Published: 2016

Publisher: Tammi

Class/genre: Picture Book

Pages: 48

Part of a serie: Little Mouse

Little Mouse series – Book 2

Having grown up a bit now, Little Mouse insists on doing everything on his own, from cleaning and baking to opening the door. It gets a little messy sometimes, but it doesn’t matter! Little Mouse’s friend Lyly comes over to play during the weekend. They build a little house and they play happily until they get into a quarrel over toys. Luckily, mom has a good solution.

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)
AUSTRALIA: Scribble/Scribe
CHINA: Beijing Yuntu Tech
ESTONIA: Rahva Raamat
FRANCE: Carbourakis
NEPAL: Kathalaya
NEW ZEALAND: Scribble/Scribe
PORTUGAL: Harper Collins Iberica
RUSSIA: Lenizdat
SPAIN (Spanish): Harper Collins Iberica
SPAIN (Catalan): Harper Collins Iberica
UK: Scribble/Scribe


“Delightful … Ideal for ages 1-4, Little Mouse Helps Out again features Jantti’s evocative retro ink and watercolour illustrations and a straightforward English translation just perfect for storytime.” – West Australian


”But the real charm of this book lies in the delightful expressiveness of Jäntti’s illustrations, with each cheeky grin or sulky pout bringing Little Mouse to life for young and old.” – Buzzwords magazine


”The book is perfectly suited for preschool children (from 1 to 4 years), richly illustrated in watercolours to keep the little little ones entertained and interested. It’s a book that children with a growing sense of independence easily can relate to. And as a rather eventful tale with a very happy and calm ending (spoler alert…) – we think ‘Little Mouse Helps Out’ makes the perfect bedtime story.” – Little Scandinavian blog


”[The] retro ink and watercolour images give the story a classic feel.” – The Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Reading Time website

Riikka Jäntti

Riikka Jäntti, a 2003 graduate of Helsinki’s School of Art and Design, now part of Aalto University, is a Helsinki-based illustrator and author who has created art for both nonfiction and fairy tale books for children. Her first children’s book was published in 2005. Jäntti is best known for the adorable Little Mouse series that has been sold to 13 territories, including Australia, Nepal, and China !

In her illustrations she uses pen and ink as well as watercolor and gouache. In 2009 Jäntti won the first ever Tieto-Lauri, an award for children’s and juvenile non-fiction, for her illustrations in Viidakkotanssi (Jungle Dance). The book was written by Markku Löytönen about the explorer Rafael Karsten in Ecuador.

Author photo by Veikko Somerpuro.


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