Serie: The Little Shop of Nightmares

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New series of hilarious horror for early readers! By Magdalena Hai, illustrated by Teemu Juhani

Rights sold:
DENMARK, Vild Maskine
ESTONIA: Postimees Publishing
GERMANY, Egmont Schneiderbuch
LATVIA: Latvijas Mediji
NORWAY, Fontini
NETHERLANDS, De Vier Windstreken
RUSSIA: The Teenbooks Publishing/KompasGuide
TURKEY, Epsilon


The Little Shop of Nightmares 1: The Terrible Tickling Powder

When Nina, 9 years, enters The Little Shop of Nightmares in hopes of getting a job, she is greeted by an odd sight: shopkeeper Mr. Kook is rolling on the floor, unable to stop laughing. With a little help from a ghost called Paddy, they start looking for the untickling powder to help him, but things are certainly not made easier by Mr. Kook’s world-domination-planning pet octopus Squishy McGoo, who is a bit too quick about getting into trouble with rollerblades on its tentacles.

Kamala kutituspulveri, WSOY 2018, 60 pp. 152 mm x 215 mm, four-color illustrations


Little Shop of Nightmares 2: Mystery of the Lost Teeth

Nina goes to buy ice cream after her first work day at The Little Shop of Nightmares. But at the ice cream shop she discovers a vampire – without teeth!

Nina decides to help vampire Lucas to find his teeth from Mr. Kook’s shop. But for some reason all the vampire teeth seem to have disappeared. It seems like somebody has hidden them on purpose…

Hampaat hukassa, WSOY 2019, 60 pp. 152 mm x 215 mm, four-color illustrations




Serie author: Magdalena Hai

Magdalena Hai is a lover of cross genre fiction and all things strange, and her fiction often combines elements of sci-fi, fantasy and horror. Besides writing Hai teaches writing and is an active member and editor in the publishing co-operative Osuuskumma.

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