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Meet Hilja, an energetic and curious little girl, and her three granny friends! For the fans of Astrid Lindgren!

Written by Heidi Viherjuuri, illustrated by Nadja Sarell.


Book 1: Hilja’s Summer in the Green House

Hilja is 7 years old, and she loves the summer! There’s nothing better than the freedom to climb trees, run around, go fishing and make new friends. Prone to adventures, she also gets a chance to catch a thief!


Book 2: Hello, Hilja here

Hilja is starting the first grade. Things are going well: she has practiced reading with the cows at the farm, and new friends are nice. But Hilja’s big mouth gets her into troubles every now and then.


Book 3: Adventure Calls, Hilja

The long-awaited fall break is here. Hilja and the neighbourhood grannies all squeeze into a tiny car and take a trip to the big city. The city is full of things to do, but are the grannies taking care of Hilja – or the other way around?


Book 4: Hilja and the Operation Christmas Magic

Christmas is coming to the Green house! There’s only a month to find out:

a) whether elves really exist, b) where did the gifts disappear from the hallway, and c) whether things you can’t see can still be true.

Hilja’s sister Veini claims that Christmas is just a publicity trick, but Hilja decides to prove that Christmas is real and magical. A secret operation begins, and it involves making an elf trap, lots of secret notes and spying on neighbors. Even Santa is not having it easy – he has to take part to Hilja’s lie detection test.

Many, many miscommunications are ahead before the family of the Green house can finally calm down for Christmas.

Rights sold:

FINLAND: Mäkelä (orig.)
ESTONIA: Eesti Raamat


Heidi Viherjuuri trusts her young readers to understand a good amount of irony and a very cheeky main character. Wonderful!
– Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper, Germany

Serie author: Heidi Viherjuuri

Heidi Viherjuuri is a teacher, children’s writer and a blogger, who lives in Germany. She grew up in a small village in the Finnish countryside – just like Hilja.

Books on this serie

Heidi Viherjuuri

Adventure calls, Hilja

2018, Middle-Grade

Heidi Viherjuuri

Hilja’s Summer in The Green House

2017, Middle-Grade

Heidi Viherjuuri

Hello, Hilja here

2019, Middle-Grade

Heidi Viherjuuri

Hilja and the Operation Christmas Magic

2019, Middle-Grade