Serie: Hayflower and Quiltshoe

The sweet and responsible Hayflower and the spirited Quiltshoe are quite different to be sisters. The girls’ family includes their mother, their loving but impractical father, and a little brother. Their adventures often involve their neighbors, the Misses Alibullen, and the two town policemen.

The first Hayflower and Quitshoe book was published in 1989. The series made a fresh comeback with Salla Savolainen’s quirky and sweet illustrations in 2012.

Hayflower and Quiltshoe books have been translated into eight languages and adapted into plays, a feature film and an opera. Winner of the Anni Swan Medal in 2003 and the Plättä Award in 2006, the series was also listed in 1001 children’s books you must read before you grow up.