Timeless Nordic Rituals: Bringing Purpose and Joy to Modern Life

Reetta Ranta

Original title: Rituaalikirja — Etsijän opas

Author: Reetta Ranta

Published: 2023

Genre: Personal Growth & Lifestyle

Pages: 348

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Rediscover our lost connection to nature by applying Nordic ancient and modern rituals in your own everyday life.

  • Ancient Nordic rituals as medicine for our often hectic, disconnected, and urban lives
  • A guide connecting with yourself, nature, and our ancient roots

Can people who live their lives in cities, often more connected to technology than the world around us, benefit from ancient rituals and discover a life in rhythm with nature? What can we learn from the ancestors of the “happiest people on Earth”, the Finns?

Timeless Nordic Rituals is a book that invites us to take inspiration from long-forgotten and living traditions of the Finno-Ugric people, and to create rituals that strengthen our connection with nature, the cycle of life, and with our inner selves.

Rituals create a connection with the past, the present moment, and the future. Ancient cultures and indigenous peoples created songs, poems, rituals, and celebrations to bring presence and deeper meaning to life. In Finland we lived in harmony with the rhythm of nature, and offerings and chores were planned according to the seasons and cycles. With our urbanized and secular lifestyle, we have forgotten or abandoned many of the rituals and customs that have traditionally helped people transition from one season and life stage to the next.

Timeless Nordic Rituals is a guide that invites you to engage with ancient Nordic rituals in a modern way.

Reetta Ranta’s work is rooted in research and study of Finno-Ugric mythologies, mostly unpublished in English. Her writing style is practical, playful, and the book serves as a joyful invitation for international audiences to learn, explore, and practise a little bit of ancient wisdom and ritual from the North.

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About author

Reetta Ranta

Reetta Ranta is a storyteller and media professional. Reetta has worked for more than 20 years in media with startups and leading media companies including Rabbit Films, Gutsy Animations, The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, and Basso Radio. Reetta is the creator, host and producer of the TV series Metsien kätkemä (Back to Nature Finland), which showcases the gorgeous landscapes, stories, and mythology of Finnish nature. She’s also known for her Sauna Sisters ritual events. The Finnish version of Timeless Nordic Rituals will be published by SKS Kirjat in Finland Fall 2023.


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