The Vole and the Moon

Mila Teräs

Original title: Myyrä joka katsoi kuuta

Author: Mila Teräs

Illustrator: Nora Surojegin

Published: 2023

Publisher: Karisto

Genre: Picture Books (0-3 Years)

Pages: 32

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A charmingly sweet picture book about the beauty of living in the moment. Mila Teräs’ enchanting prose is accompanied by Nora Surojegin’s gentle illustrations.

Millie the vole has a strange feeling. She is preparing for the upcoming winter well in advance. However, she feels like she has forgotten something. She is so busy planning and doing things that there is no time to go to watch the Moon and celebrate with other animals. When Millie decides to look up to the sky, she has to stop and stare.

The book tells of how important it is to stop: instead of the constant hurry and overachieving, it is important to pause and just exist without feeling guilty. At the same time, the book highlights what a wonder and secret life really is.

Surojegin’s beautifully soft illustrations of the night-time forest paint a beautiful and enchanting atmosphere. The trees with their shadows and the grass stems invite one to take part in the adventure in the woods. The animals are friendly and soft fairytale creatures. The book helps the reader to realise the importance of pausing!

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FINLAND: Karisto (orig.)

About author

Mila Teräs

Mila Teräs has been awarded the prestigious Kaarina Helakisa Prize for her works for children's and YA literature, and her works have been nominated for e.g. the Finlandia and Topelius Prizes. She writes for children, young adults and adults, and often incorporates fantasy and historical elements into her realistic work.


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