The Outback Series: The Island Torn Apart

Joona Keskitalo

Original title: Takamailla

Author: Joona Keskitalo

Published: 2024

Publisher: Bazar

Genre: Crime & Suspense

Pages: 400

Part of a series: The Outback series

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New crime series by an author hailed as Finnish Jens Lapidus!

The Island Torn Apart kicks off The Outback Crime Series set in remote Finnish villages. Each part is a unique story with its own set of characters, creating a series of thriller-like visits to the ends of long dirt roads, unleashing the Finnish mental landscape at its most naked and exotic!

Korppoo: a place where many have died.

It’s a beautiful place – serene, a little piece of paradise – by the name of Korppoo. A place where people offer apple pie to passers-by and lend their tractor to their neighbors. Where everyone greets each other, joys are shared and grudges are borne forever. Then, Jennifer from Helsinki buys a guest marina on the island and brings death with her.

Sigge Boman, an embittered ferryman who lost the family boat to gambling, decides to get his own back. However, his liquor-soaked revenge expedition takes an unexpected turn when a floating corpse gets caught up on the bow of Sigge’s miserable outboard motorboat. He peers to look, stumbles, and sinks into the icy depths, clinging on tightly to the stiff body. He is rescued at the last minute and his drunken bungling is misinterpreted as a heroic rescue attempt. For the first time in his life, Sigge is appreciated – and that’s easy to get hooked on

Meanwhile, a new inn owner arrives on the island, the good-hearted Jennifer who brings death with her. Empty boats drift on the sea and a feeling of unease spreads among the islanders. Are these strange events just chance, or is everything somehow linked to Jennifer’s high-flying plans? Or is it the three Russians snapping up properties in the area at an ever-faster pace?

The Island Torn Apart promises the reader at least one thing - when the earth’s crust tears, things will be revealed that no one would have dared to dig out.

A five-star book! I wouldn’t be surprised if Keskitalo would soon make a similar international breakthrough as Max Seeck did.

– Kirsin Book Club on Keskitalo's debut novel Tottelemattomat

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Rights sold:
FINLAND: Bazar (orig.)

About author

Joona Keskitalo

Joona Keskitalo was born in Oulu, grew up in Hämeenlinna and now lives with his family in Espoo. His work experience includes everything from storage work to managing athletes and developing products for marketing companies. He now works as a full-time writer.

Keskitalo’s debut novel Tottelemattomat was published in 2021 and is the first title in a crime series with the same name. The series has already captivated readers abroad as well, as the series is being published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The trilogy has also been optioned as a TV series.


2024, Crime & Suspense

Joona Keskitalo

The Outback Series: The Island Torn Apart