Tales from Bug Forest

Ville Hytönen

Original title: Ötökkämaan tarinat

Author: Ville Hytönen

Published: 2014

Publisher: Tammi

Genre: Picture Books (0-3 Years)

Pages: 80

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Finnish text

Hytönen peers into the secret world of insects in this delightful mix of poetry and prose. Bug Forest’s array of creatures ranges from angst-filled to well-meaning but stinky, and the mood alternates between rambunctious and lyrical. His warm and descriptive prose charms both kids and grown-ups, and Virpi Penna’s gentle, unforgettable illustrations bring the characters to life.

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Rights sold:
FINLAND: Tammi (orig.)
ESTONIA: Koolibri Publishers

About author

Ville Hytönen

Ville Hytönen (b. 1982) is a poet, children’s book writer, bookshop owner, columnist and publishing director at Savukeidas Publishing, which he founded at the age of 19. He lives in Tallinn, Estonia. Hytönen’s poems have been translated into 16 languages. In 2010 he received the Sammon Tekijät Award for new thinking, creativity and innovation. Awarded by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, the prize is worth 50,000 euros.

Wonky Donkey (Hipinäaasi apinahiisi, Tammi 2013), which Hytönen created together with illustrator Matti Pikkujämsä, was nominated for the prestigious 2013 Finlandia Junior Prize that honours the year’s best children’s book. Wonky Donkey was also named one of 2013’s three most beautiful Finnish children’s books by the Finnish Book Art Committee.


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