Forever With You

Erika Vik

Original title: Luonasi ikuisesti

Author: Erika Vik

Published: 2023

Publisher: Atena

Genre: Crime & Suspense

Pages: 350

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English sample & synopsis

Nordic Noir meets Goth rock in this dark psychological thriller

✓ A rocking debut thriller by an award-winning author of three popular YA novels!

✓  Honorary award in Otava’s Crime novel competition

✓  Unique new voice in Nordic noir combining the world of rock music and dark desires

A fast-paced and intensive psychological thriller that takes a deep dive into the brutal world of the music industry. A black, snowless winter hides a mystery on the bleak streets of Helsinki where rock music, obsession and evil love become entwined.

Janne Kallamaa is a struggling musician at the lowest point of his popularity, a major Finnish rock star of the 90s who is rejected by his record company. Soon after, the CEO of said company is found dead. Is it suicide or murder?

Meanwhile, Janne is tormented by a faceless stalker whose threatening messages hide more than meets the eye. It's as if the stalker knows everything about the former star's life, even his darkest secrets.

Is there a connection between the stalker and a violent crime in Stockholm? How much is a human life worth when compared to immortal music? Janne feels the net starting to tighten around him and the city of shadows, hiding behind Helsinki’s facade and breathing the threat of violence, does not grant him mercy.

This dark debut thriller asks what we are willing to sacrifice for art.

"Vik has pictured the prototype of today's has-been rock star with a keen eye. […] Vik depicts the rock world and its details in the practice rooms, the gig venues and the record label with an everyday believability. The author's research is excellent. […] Forever with You is first and foremost a romantic love letter to an era when rock was still predominantly a youth music and culture."

– Mikko Aaltonen in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

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Rights sold:
FINLAND: Atena (orig.)

About author

Erika Vik

Erika Vik (b. 1982) is an award-winning author, illustrator and producer of the LANU! literature festival. She loves rock music, fennec foxes and the feel of wind on her face – still, she'll never again sail on the North Sea when the storm is rising.

Vik was born in Hyvinkää, a small town in southern Finland. Vik has a Master of Arts degree. She's also the creator and producer of LANU!, an awarded virtual literature festival, targeted for children, teenagers and young adults. The annual festival has been held since 2020, and Vik has produced and filmed several short documentaries for the festival.

Before writing Forever With You, Vik has written three popular YA fantasy titles, which are loved by a wide audience and received the Kuvastaja honorable mention as an excellent complete fantasy series.

Vik's fourth novel, a psychological thriller Forever With You (Luonasi ikuisesti) was published in April 2023. The fast-paced novel with a dense atmosphere takes place in the brutal world of goth rock and dark desires. Forever With You is Vik's debut in adult fiction.


2023, Crime & Suspense

Erika Vik

Forever With You